Blu-Ray to DVD, what do I need?

Will be needing to convert a blu-ray movie to DVD.

I don’t deal with blu-ray itself and have 0 experience with it (contrary to DVD), and I don’t even know its file structure yet.

If there is a tutorial please give me a link, if not, please just tell me what programs I need and what steps are involved, in basic terms.

I assume that one-click solutions won’t provide optimum quality, so that’s not what I’m after - I’d rather have a little more trouble with a proper re-encoding method for the best possible final results.


Well, for just shrinking a blu-ray to standard DVD the popular freeware option is BDRebuilder, just google for it and you should find some tutorials also. You will, of course, need a program to decrypt/rip the blu-ray to your hard drive, something like DVDFab or AnyDVDHD, perhaps you already own one of these two programs which are not freeware.

[QUOTE=Whappo;2592066]something like DVDFab .[/QUOTE]

DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD makes it very easy to put the main movie over to DVD format.

Do you want the final DVD to be playable in a regular DVD player or not?