Blu Ray to DVD subtitle problem



Hi all, sorry that my first post is a question, but here goes. I have Dvdfab Blu Ray to DVD & image quality wise, it seems to do a very good job. However, there is a problem with the subtitles whereby they stay on screen for only a very short period of time, meaning that if they have more than a few words, they are impossible to read. I compared them to the original blu ray & they appear to come on screen about 1.5 seconds late, but go off screen at the correct time (if that makes sense!). I was considering downloading the subs with correct timing & replacing them, but that’s quite a complicated (for me) task, so I was wondering if there is anything that I can change in the settings to rectify this? I have tried a couple of different blus & it was the same with both. I’m a bit of a foreign film fan, so it’s quite a problem for me.
Thanks :slight_smile:


For anyone else who may have the same problem in future, I’ve found a passable work-around. If you rip the blu to your hard drive first & then run it through “Dvdfab Blu Ray to DVD”, the subtitles problem is much reduced. They still don’t stay on screen as long as they do on the original blu, but they stay on long enough to read! I’m still none the wiser as to why this happens, or if there is a better fix available.


What version of DVDFab are you using and are you playing these back from a standalone player on a TV or with a software player on a PC?


It is version & I use a standalone player (although playing with VLC on the pc has the same outcome).