Blu-ray titles outsells HD DVD during Black Friday week

I just posted the article Blu-ray titles outsells HD DVD during Black Friday week.

Just after the Black Friday week sales, HD DVD was proud to put out a press release about its surge in HD DVD player sales thanks to the cut player prices, however, the Blu-ray camp is once again…

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Heh, this is awesome. So, even if they did include Walmart, I mean, come on, 72%… Walmart alone couldn’t beat those numbers for HD DVD. It could have lowered it a little, but really, Blu-ray can’t be stopped now, its great.

So, after Toshiba is seen practically giving away HD-DVD players, Blu-Ray disc sales surge??? What next? Toshiba paying for people to take their players home? :d Poor Toshiba! Throwing money away on a deadend of a format which will never give them any return on investment. Guys, I’ve already seen the light. This HD-DVD v. Blu-Ray thing is pure nonsense. None will gain any traction against DVD. Those formats are too much hassle to too little gain. Both are going nowhere.

Its no wonder that Blu-Ray outsold HD-DVD… Toshiba is giving away movies with the purchase of their players for free… 2 in the box plus 5 more after mail-in… Best Buy gave people a choice of few weeks ago 2-3 extra movies of your choice… Amazon is doing the same thing… So if you mean outsell as in selling movies then maybe your right… I have 10 HD-DVD movies on a single player purchase without spending a dime on movies…

Personally i bought the hd dvd addon for my 360 and I am very please with it. However theres alot of things on blueray I want as well. If theres a decent deal on a ps3 on boxing day I might pick one up just for the bluray (as theres no point in buying a player for the same price you can get a whole console).

Personally, I have been downloading most of my movies from XBox Live or Amazon Unbox. They take a long time to download from XBox, but they do have HD versions. Amazon Unbox is quicker, but HD versions are at least scarce, and mostly not available at all. Both can be viewed on my HDTV via my XBox 360. I currently subscribe to Neflix so I can rent HD DVDs for my Toshiba standalone HD DVD player. If HD titles become available on Amazon Unbox, I am through with Netflix and buying or renting any HD disks of any kind.

Wal-Mart Canada sells the Venturer HD DVD player for $200. I can also buy most HD DVD movies for $20. Blu-ray is dead to me. Thanks for playing, $ony. Better luck next time.

Based on the degree to which both format camps are willing to conceal and cook the numbers, I thinks it’s fair to say that the “war” is much closer than either camp wants to admit. Prices will determine the winner in the long run. Always has and always will.

Seems to me like a desperate move form Sony, publishing sales based on some unknown spectator’s impression that didnt even include Walmart which $ knew was huge on HDDVD. Now why any business would fall so low trying to gain public trust if they were confident about the ouctome of the “war”. Reminds me of the recent situation with Hi8 when other camcorders were using VHS. In Japan you could even buy a standalone Hi8 player. Now its all history, but have they learned anything? Anyway, Blue-ray will stick around for sure with camcorders and other pro stuff where storage capacity is critical, esp. on 8 cm discs. To control everything else they will really have to do smth about the prices, which is not easy with all the DRMs they want ppl to pay for :frowning:

I still don’t think we’ll see a winner, I think in time when the technology gets cheaper, it’ll be dual format players that win.

Got both and waiting for the 5 free ones from Microsift after that $99 sale at Wal-mart. Also bought 20 Blue ray movies for $9.99 on a sale last month. All I have for my HD is a demo disk and it looks awesome. Still prefer my PS3 for an all in one machine. If HD disks get cheap, I may pick up a stack for my two HD players, but right now BR is cheaper at several sites. I am like most of you in that the format should have been ironed out years ago. But Maybe competition will benefit us with low movie prices in the long run. If they were smart they would make movies cheap and media high in price.
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CDan: Umm… you ARE aware that the numbers are coming from Nielsen Videoscan right? It’s an independant market research firm that provides sales data for many different product industries. They have nothing to gain by falsifying info because they would immediately lose face in their market. If they don’t come across as 100% genuine, no one will purchase their sales data reports. As for me, it was a no brainer. What do I want to buy into? A format with a cheap player and more expensive movies (not to mention less studio support)? Or a format with a more expensive player (that also plays games if you buy a PS3), with cheaper movies (with scratch protection), more movie promotions (buy 1 get 1 sales every month it seems), and stronger studio support. But then again, I tend to prefer to look at the long term big picture, and don’t satisfy myself with short term solutions. I always considered HD DVD nothing but a step between DVD and Blu-Ray, and I decided to skip that step. If you look at the recordable media side of the market, you can see a lot of people see things the same way.

I love it when people bring up scratch protection in relation to Blu-Ray, although I have to give credit to Sony for marketing a weakness as a strength and people buying into it. The truth of the matter, is that Blu-Ray couldn’t exist as bare discs without the scratch protection. The data layer is too close to the surface of the disc and the scratch protection was required. HD-DVD uses the same depth as in dvds so it wasn’t necessary.