Blu-ray titles cheaper than DVD

The frontpage news was quite interesting: Amazons best selling title is blu ray so I made a visit on Amazon and found out that indeed I Am Legend (Blu-ray) ranked #1 for the entire Movie & TV section, plus it’s cheaper than it’s DVD version. :eek:

I Am Legend (Blu-ray): List Price: $35.99, Price: $18.95
I Am Legend (DVD): List Price: $34.99, Price: $22.99

So is this part of the move to make the adoption faster?

I picked up the DVD version at CC for 14.00; but that is a great price for the blu-ray version.

Yeah, I pointed out that I thought it was funny that both the high-def versions were cheaper than the DVD version.

If you ”compare” the Blu-ray version with the ”right” DVD version, the DVD version is cheaper.

The review of the movie on looks favorable. When I saw the two-disc DVD and more expensive than Blu-ray, I was afraid it’d be like the movie [I]Saw[/I]. Where you pretty much have to stick with the DVD 'cause the Blu-ray cuts out all the extras.