Blu-ray titles are hitting the online stores for June

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 Netflix  is adding some Blu-ray titles to their site. I haven't seen any on  Blockbuster Online yet though, just a couple HD-DVDs. Over at  Amazon, they have HD-DVD too, even showing...
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What a crappy selection of movies…

Don’t be a hater… These is better selection than what HD-DVD started with. I think even with it’s current selection.

what’s the point, since this batch of movies are going to be released on a stupid 25GB bluray media anyway which is less than HD-dvd’s 30gb. How in hell are they going to impress anyone with such little space to work with. People want 50gb now not in November or whatever. With the kind of prices Sony is asking, Bluray is doomed. end of rant.

50gb is only for longer movies!!! they will still be using same bitrate, picture will still be the same, just godfather etc wont fit on these 25gb discs. crash, saw etc are 90min ish.

I am not as concerned about disc space as the process, just like 99% of all first releases on DVD were improved second releases, like Mission Impossible or Terminator 2

I know these are blu-ray’s initial selections, but instead of titles that can be found in Wal-Mart’s $4.99 bin, why not really special movies of blockbusters like Godfather, Star Wars, Blade Runner, etc.? At least they’d have an outside chance of selling $50 movies to watch on an overpriced proprietary system.

I don’t know why they pick the titles they pick either. But…if they wanted to sell some HD discs, Blade Runner would be a damn good one. People have been begging for a decent version of this film forever, even a good DVD version. ( I have the directors cut on DVD and the quality is poor) I did some checking and there is some legal stumbling block, that means no new releases until it is ironed out. :c [B]Update:[/B]LOL! This is too weird. CNN is reporting today that Blade Runner is coming out in a restored remastered version! Not only that, it will be released in the theater as well. [I]After a limited theatrical release, the newly spruced-up “Runner” will be released in a multidisc special edition DVD that also will include the original theatrical cut, the expanded international theatrical cut and the 1992 director’s cut. Warner said specifics about the two DVD editions will be announced later.[/I]
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Um Star Wars has already been announced it just wont be an initial release. Anyhow Fifth Element, 50 First Dates, T2, Kung Fu Hustle and Lord of War (also I guess Crash is good but i didn’t think so) are all great titles and most of them have a good cult following. I never really liked Bladerunner or Godfather although I am sure Godfather is going to be released as soon as the 50gig disc’s are used. Star wars is going to be a time thing because Lucas wants to make it a big deal not just throw his product out asap but to hype it up and also tie it into other releases (like the original cut of the original trilogy coming out the same day as Lego Star wars 2 is coming out.) Although I believe that yeah these initial releases are going to poor in quality compared to future ones and there will be double dipping because of it, but you have to have something to start from. As in evolution in time things change and improve nothing is perfect at it’s initial creation.

Crazy selection. I count only a few good titles out of twenty. I bet no more than six rate more than an imdb 7/10 and half those are a niche audience. If it was my decision, I would concentrate on releasing universally acclaimed classics first and not those [insert snobby deragatory classifications here]. :r

I think ill stick with my Single Layer DTS Rip of all those lame titles…

since when is T1, T2, 5th element lame titiles? @ hajj_3 what do you mean they’re reserving 50gb for long movies only? How about if they want to include lossless encoded soundtrack master with the usual dolby digital and dts? How about using the least amount of compression to present the best picture quality possible. All that requires much space regardless of the length. If 50gb is only for long movies then HD-dvd has already won…you get my point?
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BOYCOTT PLEASE. I’m still pissed at this format war… I concur with most of you , :r, and these are some serious lame titles. I suppose I would rent a couple of them if I hadn’t seen them but only 2-3 are worth owning to me. As stated, blockbusters & genre films will appeal to the enthusiasts who are going to fork out initially on this. Cudos to T1/T2 being in there, HOFD will surely look beautiful, but many of these are not just average, they are CRAP. Knights Tale ? LOL!
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Nope, this selection is ot that bad as you might think. However, I’d hoped to see SIN CITY Long Version within…