Blu-ray talks fail Toshiba indicates two formats on the way

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 With so 

much invested by both sides and so much in royalties at stake, no agreement can be reached for a unified Bluray format. Bluray has a more sophisticated format that holds more data,…

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two formats? Great. Now get on with the PC drives and leave Hollywood and all it’s DRM for later. Nobody cares :g But we DO need more storage. I feel like I’m talking in a vacuum; nobody hears it. Consumer Electronics (CE) has been ‘poisoned’ by the the popularity of ‘new’ formats on the PC (mp3 support, divx support, ogg vorbis, etc) and has had to add support. In contrast, once-great CE formats like CD have been poisoned and restrictions placed on their use on computers (DRM, non-standard restrictions, wholesale format violations). I think it’s clear everything revolves around the PC and it should be the (first) focus for a new high-capacity format, not crappy Hollywood. I for one don’t care about your standardised hi-def formats. There are plenty of open-source solutions that have been developed and in development to cater to Joe Someone putting out his own content and distributing it for playback on the PC. But given that the likes of Sony and other electronics companies OWN big Hollywood chunks, I don’t see this strategy of “hollywood first” die anytime soon. They see it as the best way to force-feed the masses crap so they can look at their balance sheets and smile for the next 15 years, but I think they might benefit from a bigger push on computers, just quietly. :+ Can you tell I crave more removable storage yet? Big HD and small DVD; there’s part of your answer as to why most people don’t back up :g

A 2x BluRay Burner for $300 would be a GREAT start. It’s been 5 years of non stop press releases and no product. Just STFU and deliver your product already.
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“…indicating that two rival - and incompatible - formats of the discs are here to stay”. I’d say they are both to go. No consumer wil buy a player that needs a network connection to function or one day would stop working due to malicious database updates on hollywood newly released crap. There is simply to much in favour to corporations and against the average Joe. Copy protection - fine. But will you provide me with free replacement for the conent i paid for and the disk became useless because of 0.1mm protection layer? How about a promise that you wont keep statistics on what kind of movies watched in every household? Dont get me wrong, i m in favour of progress and innovations, it is just the trend in IT and computing that concerns me. E.g. just yesterday i installed a new Acrobat Reader 7 to replace old 4 which couldnt read new content any more. The download was 5 times bigger and it tried to install so much crap and connect to so many addresses… luckily i had Kaspersky firewall running, so i just disabled any network activity for it. Back to the topic. I like the 25 gig number. it is a single layer and down the road shouldnt be more expensive than todays blanks. Ill start with that and wait for some open hi-def format to get supported by standalone players. And only then I will upgrade the home theatre. Cheers. FidelC

i’m not worry about Burner as yet!! there always the new ODD coming out!! and maybe a multi format bluray/HD burner down the road!! but what is concern is the DRM and the standalone player!! as consumer we have to buy two standalone just to play either format HD/Bluray!! and whenever either one of the format lost battle then my or your investment is waste!! i still remember i got one of the Old BetaMAX tape player sitting dust!! where is the new release movie on Betamax? well inpast 6year there was none!! consumer always the losser!! i think DVD quality is good enough unless you are one of the Rich guy that can afford a HD TV!! because these HD content are useless if you only have average TV!! well with all this Crap DRM and Format war i think i hold on to to the decision of buying NEW TV and NEW HD/Bluray Buner and Stanalone player!! we need to wait till the winner like VHS to appear!!

“But we DO need more storage.” USB (or Firewire) harddisks, perhaps? 250- or 300-GB USB harddisks are getting quite affordable; and, if you have the money, you can even go as far as a few terabytes. I, for one, hardly ever burn anything onto CDs or DVDs these days - USB and Firewire disks are sooo much more flexible!
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HDs have come down in price heaps, but I don’t consider them reliable backups for a few reasons: HDs by nature are: 1) highly sensitive to shock 2) cannot be shared as easily as discs (or double backed up to different locations like discs can, and cheaply) 3) prone to failure at any moment 4) aren’t really considered long-term storage to me because of all those points That’s why I’m eager to see a good new optical format. They are great for fast temporary backups for in-progress work, though. I just don’t trust them beyond that.