Blu-ray summit report at IGN - the latest from the HD battle

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             We have been following many reports lately trying to see what's next in  the evolution of the DVD. This article from IGN, has a lot of good information it.  Especially for...
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Please just go with Blu-Ray. All that extra space wins me over if nothing else. What Mick Fidler said was true. All the movie discs could be jammed packed full of the best quality video, sound and extras.

I am sure everyone wants Blu-Ray except for the peope that have been spending TONS of money on HD-DVD and want something back for it. The people that just spend a couple Mil on HD-DVD and a few years of their lives I am sure want to show something for it and will continue to push the market into going with their product. Blu-Ray does sound like the better deal, and really ALL that Blu-Ray has so say is that they will paten the ability to burn to in Blu-Ray FOrmat and not allow any home models to be made, that would win the movie industry over in a second, even if blu-ray cost 5X as much, as long as people are not Pirating movies the industry is happy. If this was to happen, HD-DVD could be a home and office format, would not make as much money but I am sure if they goto MicroSoft and try to sell them the product that Microsoft will buy it and make it supported in all Windows aplications and the HD-DVD will become a new cheap backup method and a good way to sell Games and other Software.

Blu Ray route = more expensive, but more technically advanced tech. Sony and Philips (major proponents) arguably want a bigger slice of the royalty pie here, it seems. HD-DVD group = more “here and now” easy-to-migrate DVD tech for content producers, to get the ball rolling more immediate-term. NEC and Toshiba major proponents. No recorders planned yet. Hmmmmmm. Non-interest factor very high given this information, personally. All in all, it looks like DVD (in its various incarnations) will be with us for a looong time to come. No doubt the huge growth in the hardwre (and software) market is due to catalysts like DeCSS. Blu Ray, in particular, seems like it will be lockdown central. I hope they don’t expect to sell much hardware (or software) with their content protection ideas. Because they won’t. Especially with DVD out… Still, I see potential for a great PC back-up/archival format somewhere here, though…I hope. As well potential for a smaller video camera disc format. Again, I hope. That’s something we need. Not a yet-more-crappy-interim-movie format. DVD is here. How many will be willing to buy into a high definition format, one wonders. I just don’t see it becoming popular in the forseeable. Plus, with storage capacities moving like they are, I see Blu Ray’s 50GB per disc as a very short-term strategy to get the format out quick to standardise on their tech. This is understandable since everyone wants to claim ownership of new markets. But these capacities will be laughable in a short period. HD-DVD appears particularly anaemic in this department… As a sidenote: TDK’s hard coat thingy that can’t be written on with a permanent marker sounds fascinating. I wonder how hard this hardcoat is, tho.

Yeah we’ll all be down mixing the discs to DVD standard to back 'em up… But perhaps most important of all is that both Blu-ray and HD-DVD are a waste of time without an HD-TV and it’ll be a loooong time before these babies are common place and screens are a sensible price…

“TDK’s hard coat thingy that can’t be written on with a permanent marker sounds fascinating. I wonder how hard this hardcoat is, tho.” Just give it to some five year old, you’ll find out real quick! :slight_smile:

Don’t take what the Blu-ray companies say at face value. BOTH Blu-ray and HD-DVD (AOD) are here and now. They are both waiting for people to consume. They are exaggerating Blu-ray advantages while ignoring their disadvantages though that is a profitable thing for them to do.