Blu-Ray still secure... boasts encryption company



I just posted the article Blu-Ray still secure… boasts encryption company..

Rather predictably, it has not taken long for someone to push the commercial consequences of the recently publicised cracking of the HD-DVD digital rights management (AACS), and use it to emphasise…

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BD+ will be cracked just like AACS was cracked And by telling the world that their protection is the best and hasn’t been cracked, they basically dared every cracker in the world :B


AACS has NOT been cracked thoough…By posting what you did you basically dared the entire cdfreaks community to call you an uninformed gimp


I feel that making boasts about the Bluray protections will come back to haunt them. Someone, somewhere, will crack this thing and I believe it will be in the near future. As I always say, “The thieves are always one step ahead of the police. The only thing the police can do is react to what has already been done.”


CRACK or circumvention, whatever…someone has written code to decrypt AACS (based on known movie encryption keys), sucessfully ripped and played a HD-DVD to their hard disk. I don’t know if you can call it CRACKED technically, but who cares ?! It is a circumvention of the AACS protection, indeed a start. There is nothing wrong with positing this, this is an article about how the blu-ray security-software authors want to brag about additional security layer on top of AACS, in reaction to the news that someone has decrypted & ripped HD-DVD titles. I agree by telling people about blu-ray disabling pirated titles (even if only to the tech community), they are hurting their cause !


well AACS has been bypassed for both formats? It is still unknown if the BackupHDdvd actually works. but occuring to this link indivduals have managed to copy Blu-ray dvd’s onto the PS3 hard-disc


Posted by robo98989 on Sunday 07 January 2007 16:44 “AACS has NOT been cracked thoough…By posting what you did you basically dared the entire cdfreaks community to call you an uninformed gimp” @robo98989: No need for that type of criticism, and you are advised to refrain from posting public insults. In the article, I used the word ‘crack’ as a generic journalistic term rather than the literal sense, because I thought the general audience would be more likely to understand what it means in practice. If you want to discuss the semantics, then we have a forum for that purpose.


Was disrespectful, but crack is very different to circumvent. The encryption on DVDs has been cracked. Crack is not a term that can be used for added impact, well it can but the journalist is using it incorrectly. I’m not criticising the article it was the poster, not only him but numerous others who are assuming that the protection has been cracked. It certainly hasn’t. It hasn’t even been verified that the BackupHDDVD tool even works. Still your rite, was rude, sorry.


OK fair enough, and point taken about the semantics… :wink:


The key word is “Still”… but only for now… I don’t understand what’s there to boast about…


I feel a group hug coming on. Anyway, we all know it’s just a matter of time before all HD discs are cracked. No use in arguing, folks. @robo98989 Cut down on the caffeine, man. :slight_smile:


:frowning: I don’t care> I still don’t want it. I’m happy with dvd, even if there was a universal way to make a bit by bit copy onto a blank disc. Of course, that’s what the consumer wants, and the makers of blank media want. Makers of blank media are certain not to put out as many BD RE discs because they want to sell you the ones you use only once.