Blu_Ray Solution?



Hi everyone,

Sorry if this post doesn’t belong here.
You guys helped me out a ton over a year ago by teaching me how to back up my DVD collection, and I am very happy with the results, but now I have a question pertaining to Blu-Ray.

2 weeks ago I bought a Samsung 46 inch LCD TV (LN-S4696D) and the store included the Samsung Blu-Ray player for $500 as a promo, so I bought that too.

After purchasing 7 or 8 Blu-Ray movies already, is there a way yet for me to back these up?

Does 1 click, anydvd, or CloneDVD2 have anything in the works for this new format?

PSïƒ I’m not a computer savvy guy by any means, I use Anydvd, and either Clonedvd2, or sometimes even 1click (If one doesnt work for me, the other always does it seems)

Thanks in advance


As far as Slysoft goes, there is no way. The guys over at Doom9 have been able to back up Blu-Ray though. But you would need a Blu-Ray burner to be able to make a copy anyways.


what about the cost of a blue ray blank?
At this time it costs more then a BD movie
so a backup is not cost effective
for now :wink:


Even a player is not cost effective in my opinion right now.


very true

after being a first dopter for dvd when it came out and getting a Sony DVDP7000 for $1200 and dvds for $30++
I think I will comfortably wait on the sidelines this time and wait for prices to fall at least 80% or the formats to die out


I wouldn’t pay over $100 for a freaking movie player! The price better drop off the table.


Dear CrazyFoo: Please look into this thread: Backup your Blu-ray movies: a guide to BackupBluray

AnyDVD is going to release AnyHDDVD very soon, I do not believe they are going to support Blu-Ray as of yet but maybe in the future.


Dear Detroit Baseball:

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As far as Slysoft goes, there is no way.

You do not know this and niether do I, since when do you speak for Slysoft.:cop:


They misewell take their time in releasing it, not many people even have an HD-DVD drive yet.


James said they were not making one for Blu-Ray and had no intentions to as of then.


“As of then” is the key word here. He did not say “no way”. If Blu-Ray becomes popular you do not know what they will do and neither do I, so lets not speak for other people okay.:cop:


I believe Slysoft said something to the effect of “we hope bluray dies before we have to support it but once AnyDVD HD is out and if bluray is still kicking we’ll look at it then.” I’m paraphrasing, of course, but the gist of it is they’re focusing on HD-DVD for many reasons FIRST and will then revisit the BluRay issue at a later date if they need to.


I really meant there is no way right now or in the near near future, but ok…


That is exactly their stance I believe, they are waiting to see which one will be successful, if you read the thread I linked to in the post above you will se that Blu_Ray and HD-DVD are not that different when it comes to decrypting.:clap:Here is thread again, it is written by Zevia and he went to alot of trouble to let us all know about these drives, I think you could all learn something by reading it.:clap:


They both use AACS but Blu-Ray has another encryption feature called BD+. I think it’s not even on current ones, but is supposed to be on later Blu-Ray movies.


The guy who decrypted BluRay “Muslix64” did so using technology from both so please do not speculate on " who will do what and when ". We will see what happens. We also heard that Sony had encrytped movies that noone could break and how long did that last? I believe that Slysoft will do whatever they have to do to make their customers happy. This is just my opinion, I am not speaking for Slysoft.:iagree:


I’m not speculating. Current Blu-Ray discs can be backed up with the same method because they do not have BD+ like future Blu-Ray discs will. Muslix64 said that himself over at Doom9.


zevia is on it i’d say :clap: Now i need a couple of expensive new burners.


I don’t think you are reading alan’s posts. If i may alan: Your not James or Peer so you are speculating. That’s my opinion from what i’ve read.


And what makes you think he is the only one who has a solution. The fact is that BD+ is not on any discs as of yet and we really do not know if it will ever be implemented so it is as I said " just speculation " until "when and if "it becomes a reality.