Blu-ray site hacked, redirects to HD-DVD site

I just posted the article Blu-ray site hacked, redirects to HD-DVD site.

Oh boy, the battle of the HD formats intensifies now Hidef-Digest reports that the official Blu-ray website has been hacked and has been redirected to the HD-DVD website. Of course chances are small…

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Seems to work now. I suppose Blueray is behind it (and its not a typo). I tried that “perfect” website and it discredited itself for me :B The “simulator” either dont work or dont make sence or plain stoopid. In the trailer section instead of showing off it asks for some password and then (having not gotten one) redirects to an error page. … and thats the thing thats supposed to promote HD-DVD… :r
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Blu-ray site hacked? hilarious! :bigsmile:

At least we know which side the hackers are on! LOL…
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@ FidelC The simulator worked for me. Maybe your PC sucks?