Blu Ray selection

Can anyone answer the following:

  1. For the HTL version, are the DL and XL disks as reliable as the single layers? I remember for DVDs single layer was what was recommended.

  2. What is the recommended brand/model for backup purposes?

  3. Do burnt HTL blurays last at least as long as pressed DVDs? (I’m thinking of throwing some of the original DVDs out because I’m trying to downsize at this time)

  4. How should the disks be stored? Put back onto the spindle or in a case? Are the multi-disk cases a good idea? (some can hold up to 10 to 12 per box)

Thank you.

No response? Are optical disks obsolete?

I have lurking here in this forum for the same questions, that you mentioned, and have read here for item (4) that BD disk storing on sleeve is not good, but putting back onto spindle still is; for (1)(2) DL disk that I have seen that have good scans are the panasonic ones burn thru pioneer drive, the rest have still trouble around the layer break even the MID verbatim.

I have only liteon-ihbs112 to experiment on so can not comments such, I just bought on ebay panasonic 25gb 4x & 50gb 2x to try on to. I even bought a mediarange 50gb 6x thinking its a verbatim mid, but after reading here the old package are cmc mid, which are not compatible to liteon only to pioneer.

So for BluRays only Panasonic is good?

I was thinking about these:

Your 1st selected item is good for a single layer, I will also buy it, having the MABL mark means it is still original verbatim mid; the second one is double layer verbatim, were I have second thought, would choose a panasonic bd dl instead, or look for a verbatim BD-DL with 4x speed, as this are having a panasonic mid. No idea on the next two item sorry.

I just saw the thread about BD-DLs, also apparently only pioneer burners are good.

I’m done with opticals I guess.

Thanks for the heads up.

I only use an LG and burn a ton of Blu-rays (25GB to 128GB) so that is false. It is the best time to have optical storage.