Blu-Ray Scanning - Speeds, Drives, Media Type, Repeatability

Dear All,

Just thought I’d pop in again and share my weekend’s worth of work - a more scientific look at how scanning speeds, drives, media type affect scanning, and how repeatable scanning results can be.

There is a lot of data, but I’ve tried my best to present it well. I think there might be quite a bit worth discussing - if only just to say that it seems that the 4x scanning speed definitely has merits, as does 2x (although time is a problem at 2x). Scans of 6x show slight elevation of errors, and 8x quite significant elevations especially towards the outer edge.

The repeatability of scans surprised me - it seems that the scans on the whole do vary somewhat from scan to scan, such that the decimal places after the averages don’t seem to be too significant.

Anyway, enjoy.

Thanks for this and all your contributions. :flower:

Thanks for making this interesting study available.

Agreed - thanks Lui.

Thanks guys for the complements - I’m actually quite busy recently, so I haven’t had the time to come on here too often.

But whatever time I have left, I try to spend on my hobbies :).

Thanks from me too! My own experience has me in agreement with you. And many of the Blu-rays that I burn(and scan) are video, so I also get a chance to compare scan results against the read-back results in set-top Blu-ray players with finicky slim drives. These results lead me to conclude, like you, that the reported higher error rates at scanning speeds over 4x are more due to limitations in our consumer-grade scanning drives than real problems with the media/burn.

Well done :clap::slight_smile: