Blu-ray sales hit record in Japan

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Japan is known as a country were a product or a gadget reaches a huge group of people in a very short time. The Japanese write books on their mobile phones and use mobile internet like it’s been…

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Well many users over here where waiting for the war to end and then buy either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. You will see the market share of Blu-Ray rise even more with the coming Olympics in Beijing. Another big factor is that starting in 2011 normal analog TV will be totally replaced by Digital TV and by then all analog HDD/DVD recorders and normal TVs will be of no use anymore. So people are now starting to buy HDTV sets and recorders which are able to record digital TV in high-def. This will boost sales of Blu-ray even more. Also the two biggest video rental chains have announced to start renting Blu-ray titles.

Do you honestly think people will record to Blu-ray media ? Not whilst hard-disks are getting faster and cheaper. Who in their right mind would spend 47 pence per gigabyte ($1) when they can be spending 12p (25 cents) per gigabyte on a hard disk, which is also more environmentally friendly. Optical media really is on a slippery slope downwards, and I am shocked as to how fast it is happening myself.

Unlike cost-conscious American consumers, Japanese are going forward with DVD-to-BD transition as if it is a natural phenomenon. The latest market figures (April) shows BD recorder are selling 32% against DVD, and it will, the report says, most likely reach 50% by the end of 2008.