'Blu-ray sales grow 800% in next 4 years'

I just posted the article ‘Blu-ray sales grow 800% in next 4 years’.

A Dallas-based research firm called Parks Associates just announced that they believe Blu-ray player sales will grow 800% in the next four years. Parks also believes that Blu-ray player sales will…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15122-Blu-ray-sales-grow-800-in-next-4-years.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15122-Blu-ray-sales-grow-800-in-next-4-years.html)

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BluRay expects to hit 5 million by the end of this year but only sold 800,000 last? Plus the economic crisis our world not just our nation is in? I think this is not true what so ever.

Gee…I wonder who sponsored the study?

You’ll always have people who have more money than brains. In these unsure economic times I have no doubt that Bill Gates will be buying Blu-ray, but what about the poor blue-collar guys from GM who got laid off last week? The MAJORITY of people worldwide won’t be buying Blu-ray this Christmas and perhaps next Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no doubt they’ll be dreaming of a huge Blu-ray library, a 60" plasma screen, and dry socks while they’re waiting in the soup line.

LMAO i love Dukes last words!!!
Dreaming of food NOT blue ray

This economy is going to tank and I am ready to live in a depression the question is… is sony ready? lmao

Yo duke no woories we will just have to move down to mexico for the weather lmao…

You just said exactly what i have been saying for 3 years now. It wont be popular this christmas or next (or when I said 2 years ago by at least 2010) but in 5 to 10 years it will be accepted by the masses especially when the players hit the $40-$50 range. The masses started buying up Dvd players and movies when the players hit $40 during the black friday sales. The lower the price of the player the more consumers fall into your price range. Think of everyone as affiliated with a group based on there income. When you price something in the higher income your group is small so your numbers are going to be small but you sell at a price where you still profit. Then when production cost comes down you lower the price and enter a new group of consumers the upper middle class. This one is slightly bigger so your numbers will of course grow but your not hitting the high numbers just yet. You lower your price again and now your in the middle class range and your moving right along gaining more sales but it’s still not the “it” product. Now you go for the juggular the lower class/poor. A lot of people are in this bubble and are easily pulled in by cheap prices and flashy colors. Now your company is swimming in money and all it took was an investment and patients. World War 2 wasn’t won in 1 night

If your going to buy a Blu-ray instead of paying your car loans or mortgages good luck to ya I’ll be sitting here laughing my ass off when you lose your home or car. If people lose their homes for buying stupid shit I have nothing to say you deserve what you get for not putting your family first.

What’s all this talk of Blu-ray? Look, it’s like this. When DVD players came out I could get immediate benefit out of it even on my old crap TV and even DVD players had a somewhat slow uptake. No rewinding and chapter skipping and I still didn’t buy one right away. However, with Blu-ray it’s pointless for me until I get a new TV.

For some reason the average person just doesn’t change their TV that often. TVs get deployed on a more gradual timeline for some reason.

However, 800% growth in 4 to 5 depends on if we have a world wide great depression comes or not. Like I said though, a DVD player can be hooked into any crap TV and you’ll still get some benefit out of it. With Blu-ray you won’t get any benefit over a regular DVD player unless you hook it to specific equipment so they’re just going to have to wait until that specific equipment hits market saturation.

More utter nonsense. This group was paid by Sony to release these complete false statistics. Please, considering the financial situation the world is coming into, you have to be a total idiot to buy BR on that fact alone let alone BR still sucks ass compared to DVD prices and quality on a CRT TV…

Crap I gota post this again…

Duke’s line should win LINE of the year on cdfreaks!!!

“Don’t get me wrong. I have no doubt they’ll be dreaming of a huge Blu-ray library, a 60” plasma screen, and dry socks while they’re waiting in the soup line."

Enough Said the economy will now determine if BlueRay will indeed grow or not… !!!

James I have to Agree I believe myself it’s a bias research firm paid off by sony in hopes that people will go out tomarrow and buy the units lol and for Coolios comment waiting in the soup line thats funny I can just see it HAHAHA.

Lol! who is seriously funding these “studies” ? Smacks of desperation by Sony et al. Right now consumers are only reaching for the DVD bargain bin and couldn’t care less about Blu-ray. I doubt Joe Sixpack has the dough to spend money on beer let alone junk like Blu-ray.

hahaha yeah I heard that :clap:

If Joe6pack can’t even afford to get beer, they can’t afford their internet connection either. Some people on here act like everyone doesn’t have a job anymore. Not everyone is an idiot with their finances.

QQQ Wall Street were the idiots in their financial decisions not any of us thats why we are in this mess and if they go down in a blaze so be it, just remember Joe6pack lives on Main Street and thats us :p.

Wall street isn’t the main reason it was the fact that it was deemed to allow people making 20000 a year to get a 600000 dollar house and know they couldn’t afford it. Plus those that get their equity to get things wanted and not needed didn’t help either.

@ psychoace
Thanks for explaining economics to us. I feel better now.

@ CJF1983
Dude, please use some punctuation every now and then. My eyes hurt. Also, have someone look over your spelling before you post. And I agree with you 100%. People should be paying their bills and saving right now. There is a reason they’re called luxury items.

@ Coolios
LOL. Thanks for the support.

@ Everyone on CDFREAKS
I don’t want to come off as a fear mongerer. The facts are that the global economy is in trouble and Blu-ray is the last thing on people’s minds. I was going to buy a $1,400 Samsung washer and dryer this weekend, but I think I’ll hold off. I have a wife and a son to worry about. My wife and I make good money and I have a few grand in the bank, but nobody knows what’s going to happen in the next few weeks and months. I may need that money to make a mortgage payment down the line or buy food for a few months. I found out yesterday that one of my uncles, who is retired, has lost tens of thousands of dollars thanks to the stock market collapsing.

No matter what happens, I wish everyone here financial stability and well-being for you and your family. If you have DVD or Blu-ray, then cook up some popcorn and watch a movie at home. Save your money for an uncertain future.

Peace, my friends.

Duke, how insulting! there is no need to be nasty with me. Did I say anything nasty to you? no so your out of line buddy and my spelling isn’t that bad your just being rude. And for Wall Street they out right lied to people and tricked people into buying different investments that they new were not real just trashy paper thats total bs saying Main Street caused the problem. I myself wish everyone here financial stability and well-being for them and their families. But don’t ever pick on Main Street maybe we should talk about AIG and the fact that CEO’s went on a nice vacation right after being bailed out nice huh?. Main Street lost a lot too and will be paying the bill and there ain’t crap anyone can do about it. My anger is with Wall Street they shouldn’t have ripped all of us off no matter what street you live on it was bad for business and families :(.

@ CJF1983

I’m sorry if you’re insulted, but I wasn’t trying to be nasty. Reading posts written in haste, riddled with spelling mistakes, and containing almost no punctuation hurts my eyes. I just read your last post and it’s nothing more than a run-on sentence. People should proofread what they write. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this.

Yes, Wall Street did lie to people. They lent them money they couldn’t repay. I’ll go so far as to say this whole global economic problem stems from the US. The Canadian banking system is designed differently and has tighter controls over money lending, so we’re a bit better off. However, the US is our biggest trading partner and when it suffers, we suffer. Yes, companies like AIG have contributed to the problem. It all adds up.

Duke, All is good I understand as, I appreciate you are trying to be helpful. I might need some software to correct the problems as well as proofreading I am not perfect.