Blu-ray sales better than expected in Europe, U.K



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The price of standalone Blu-ray players have significantly dropped over the past 10 months, but the cost of Blu-ray discs – while they’ve decreased – still are somewhat pricey, many of you…

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yeah guys, sorry about the increase in sales over here, its just that i wanted to build my bluray collection up!:stuck_out_tongue:


“Trying to figure out what’s going on in the current Blu-ray market can be rather difficult at the moment.”

Here let me help you…Blu-ray is tanking BIG TIME. And it is dragging the whole optical industry down with it.

DVD finally stopped growing and hit its prime in 2005 when it had its peak sales ever. In reaction to the plateau, along with the razor thin margins on DVD players and media, increasing disc manufacturing costs, the “HD format” was introduced. It took off with two formats and niether had a clear advantage. Then, they lathered an unimaginable amount of DRM restrictions on top of that, with an alphabet soup of acronyms that would make a full blown computer nerd hurl chunks, along with several different incremental profiles and everyone said F8ck it. I’ll just DL the damn thing on a torrent. Thanks Slysoft!!

Since 2005, optical content demand has fallen every year (rather than grow) for a total of 9% loss in sales in 2008. HD titles are down even more since the fall of HD DVD @ 22% overall, even with the “support” of the POS3 - which I think a lot of people bought since they had kids and thought they might look at a BR movie once in a blue moon.

Then some folks found out their TV wasn’t compatible and they said F8ck it and just use the PS3 for gaming or better yet- bought an Xbox 360 or Wii. Goodbye to another customer segment, thanks to restrictive DRM controls. In other words, Sony screwed themselves again with yet another PIA proprietary format from hell.

If Blu-ray does not take off in 2009 they will pull the plug on it. Hint: It isn’t going to take off. HD on demand kicked it straight in the balls. Even Blu-ray players are coming with streaming capability now. I can watch 50 BR quality movies on demand without getting off the couch for what it would cost to buy a BR player. Stick a fork in it- it’s done.


Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel!?


How many of those 462,500 were copies of Iron Man? All of them?

Here’s the problem… if you have the #1 or #2 movie of the year you end up selling a respectable number on Blu-Ray… It’s the rest of the library selling 10,000 or 20,000 copies that’s going to doom the format.

Studios are going to look at their own releases and go “Well, Iron Man sold 500,000 copies, why can’t we?” When they don’t they’ll consider dropping the format.


Lmao are the massive returns in January in the Betaray players numbers added in there?? LMAO I am expecting 90% returns this January with the gay ass economy. This is what happens when you set an economy based on people making 25-40 $ hr . Now lets see who controlls the economy thats right all the little people saying FU I am not buying your ugly ass gas hog or unneccessary electronics. I will when it’s in my price range

And the Uprising begins… Greek Style Americans need to follow that example : Citizens are in control of the country NOT some pimps in the governt. offices.


@ crabbyappleton

yawn, yeah thats right, nobody has a HDTV, coz argos, comet and DSG(three biggest electrical companies in UK) don’t sell these things right? wrong, in fact, thats all you can buy, as well as ASDA(walmart) and Tescos. you just cannot buy a CRT tv now so face it.

we are into the HDTV gen now, so your argument about the bluray era being doomed down to that argument is majorly flawed!


Time will tell Steve. I have an HDTV and have had one for 4 years. But, I am an early adopter if it makes sense. Plus, times were much better in the US back then, but there was not any Blu-ray in retail stores at the time. THAT is when they should have introduced it, but they were to busy trying to lock it down to market movies. The tech was finished I saw it at CES, but they all wanted content for the introduction and this held things up for years. Many folks are not getting an HDTV right now. A lot are but not all-so we have another consumer split. It’s a barrier to adoption of a format that requires an HD set to function. Here is an article quote from USA Today that supports my argument:

"Indeed, some analysts are surprised by the number of consumers who continue to buy fat, tube-based CRT digital displays. “They beat our forecast rather handily the last couple of quarters,” Gagnon says. “When you look at the smaller screen sizes, a CRT is about half the price of a flat panel. That’s a pretty compelling argument.”

In addition, in a few months, you will hear about the “second wave” of defaults in the US housing market as well BTW. It will be as big as the first one. It’s called option-ARMS and Alt-A defaults and expected to top 1 trillion. Blu-ray is too late to catch on. DVD will be the new cassette and video on demand will rule.


The moment that you have to look out for is right before Christmas and soon after. This is when companies layoff. It could be a very bad situation added to an already bad problem with our housing market troubles.


Jumping 167% is really dead huh? Having $61 million dollars in sales is dead? They are making progress admit it. No one can jump from a non existant format to $800 million dollar market in a year. I just don’t see how you think it’s tanking Crabby

“I can watch 50 BR quality movies on demand without getting off the couch for what it would cost to buy a BR player.” Really BR quality? You mean those super compressed streams that you get over the internet? or are you talking about the illegal downloads you get from torrents or whatever? Also does your ISP have a bandwidth cap like most people do? Cause downloading 5gig’s per movie more then a few times a month can cause you to go over your limit which means your net will be canceled


I think bluray is going to have a long shelf life. It’s the only format (other than downloading) for HD content. I don’t see HD getting replaced anytime soon, so they’res no real reason to need a format to replace bluray.
Prices are coming down, about 1/3 of the population owns an hdtv and thats increasing. I don’t think its going to be an overnight victory, but they have a very long window of opportunity. TV’s, Players, and Media will drop in price, making it easier for them to pump out older movies that wouldn’t sell as many copies.


"Do you mean those super compressed streams that you get over the internet? or are you talking about the illegal downloads you get from torrents or whatever? Also does your ISP have a bandwidth cap like most people do?"
No I mean like the BR quality movies you download from satellite service. I have Dish. it’s cheap easy and convenient…and it just works, like DVD. I don’t need anything better than this and upscaled DVD. I think I am in the majority at the moment.

Like I said-time will tell! So far though- adoption is slower than wanted by the companies providing the goods. How long will they toy with this? Let’s wait and see


For the braindead retards who said Blu - Ray isn’t succeeding, perhaps you morons should do some research on the consumer electronics industry. Anyone with a working brain knows that Blu - Ray is the future of this planet’s optical disk storage, only poor people, HD - DVD fanboys and the mentally retarded would have any reason to believe (Hope) otherwise.

For the moron who said Blu - Ray is “Tanking”, take a look at the recent Japaneese media player sales, retard!!! Blu - Ray adoption is taking place 1.5 times FASTER than DVD’s replaced VHS…it’s EXPLODING, not “Tanking”.

There is NO concievable way that Blu - Ray WON’T replace the DVD as the distribution of choice and don’t even get me STARTED on digital distribution. If there is a single person here who truly, HONESTLY believes that Digital Distribution will become a reality in our lifetime, then get your freaking head checked out, you obviously have mental health issues.

For the people bashing Blu - Ray there are a few steps you now need to take:

1 - Get your head out of Microsoft’s ass.

2 - Do some RESEARCH on the consumer electronics market before you post garbage like this.

3 - Next time someone asks you if they can throw you head - first down a well - say no.

4 - Next time you post change your name to “Excuse my comments, i’m mentally retarded” so that we all know what the reason for your ignorance is. Otherwise you’re just going to keep embarassing yourselves!

5 - Finally, if you can’t afford to go Blu because you clean toilets for a living and live in a trailer park with all the other hillbillys - then DON’T but don’t come on here and bash a product just because YOU can’t afford it, jeez! You guys are EXACTLY like Microsoft fanboys!


Let’s put these figures being thrown around in perspective. Ok, so they have seen a increase in the UK during the month of November. Compared to DVD, how much was it really? I mean, isn’t that what Bluray is competing against now. Last time I checked, Bluray was still hovering around 10% of market compared to %90 DVD. Considering the format has been out for years now, that isn’t too good.


CrabbyAppleton, i almost forgot. Have fun with your Stressbox 3 - fix - me. What does it feel like to play with a piece of garbage system with no exclusive games, a 33% failure rate and disk scratching issues??? You can enjoy your inferior games that don’t have even HALF the content of a PS3 title and have to be spread out over 15 DVD’s because of the 360’s last - gen hardware. It’s clear now where YOUR frustration is comming from, you have an awful lot of time to post on here while your 360 is at the repair shop, eh???

If you’re too cheap to afford a PS3 then go and lay down £129.99 for a pile of crap console, remember though that you pay for quality. You may be surprised to know this but some of us are able to play games without the fear of our consoles blowing up and burning our houses down…however, as far as the 360 goes, some of us are able to play games, period!

It must be embarassing for the cheapest machine on the market to sell so poorly, no? The Wii is more expensive than the 360 yet it outsells it 5 - to - 1, however that might be due to the fact that the Wii actually has some exclusive games for it. The 360 owns single - digit market share in Japan, why? Because it’s a poorly - designed piece of crap. It just goes to show that if ALL the games on a console are complete garbage with last - gen graphics, nobody’s going to buy that console no matter HOW cheap it is!

Have fun with your cheap, last - gen hardware :smiley:

Oh hey, on a side note did you know that Final Fantasy XIII will fit on just ONE Blu - Ray disk? Looks like we won’t have to waste time switching disks halfway through, we can just play the game uninterrupted…OOPS, did i say “We”??? How silly of me…boy is my face red, sorry!


@ David Macphail, while I do support some of the things you are saying, there is no need to go through the debatecalling people retards! and as for the need to slag off the 360, i feel the reliablity of the console and silence speaks a thousand words.

@crabbyappleton, While we do have HD boxes over here in the UK, Sky chooses to run the same old films again and again and again and etc.

and thats the reason i would rather watch the HD films that I want to watch(bluray), and not what sky wants me to watch!:smiley:


Dear David,

Hi how are you? Blood pressure ok? Great! Glad to hear it. I think you should register at CD Freaks as you seem quite “passionate” about this subject. Perhaps you could sway some minds with your adorable personality and communication skills. Did you read the article BTW? It mentions much of what I say - Quoting Forrester research. They study this stuff and they say BR is on shaky ground due to market conditions. Maybe you should call them up and inform them they are also retarded.

  1. I do not have an Xbox.

  2. I say Blu-ray is tanking because those involved after seeing a slow adoption rate, had hoped for a 50% market share by the end of 2008. This figure was bandied about widely in April and had a lot to do with HD DVD taking a powder. Even so, this was less MUCH LESS than Sony and others had figured on for 2008 when they first started pushing Blu-ray.

Fast forward (get it?) to December of 2008 and we can read that Blu-ray with all it’s promotions, falling prices and box office gold like Ironman and Dark Knight only enjoy a 12% share of the market.

Even some of the studios, e.g. Warner have gone public and said (warned) that 2009 is the do or die year for Blu-ray. Remember the Mini-disc for the PSP? I think we are having a Deja Vu all over again.

This is why I say it is tanking. It is an incrementally superior product to the one it is replacing DVD, yet it is relatively expensive and complicated format to “upgrade” to. You need a big screen TV and even surround sound etc to relly enjoy it. Most folks right now are more worried about putting beans on the table or having a roof over their table. Not needless extras like this. Blu-ray is also getting hit hard by HD downloadable content. It’s just a fact.

Couple this with the Xbox 360 and the Wii outselling the PS3 by factors of 2 and 4 to 1 and even as you say a “retard” can read the handwriting on the wall.

I have a friend whos house was just burglarized and the thieves took the teenaged kids PS3. I said: "Oh well, the insurance will replace it. He said: “Nah, I didn’t use it that much and we only watched a couple movies, I think I will use the money for something else.” This is all I hear how people are uninterested in these products.

In the meantime- keep foaming at the mouth, the members here such as myself enjoy reading such things and find it most entertaining.

Have a nice da! Oh…and try switching to Decaf.


@Steve- Don’t waste your breath on this McFail guy. I googled this guys name as I figured he was a shill for Sony. But, he is just a Sony Fanboi that basically runs around calling folks retards in ALL his postings around the web, making a nuisance of himself. If you don’t have a PS3 he thinks there is something awry with your mental processes.


Well WTF is going to replace Blu ray ?! NOTHING. It is here for while IMO. Downloads are a pathetic joke of a concept. I want to own the disc/medium and I want it in HD ! What is the alternative ?
I think Dark Knight selling almost 2 million blu-rays in 1 week speaks very well for the format.

David, learn your facts about the 360. XBOX 360 has a more advanced and true next gen graphcis system with a real unified shader architecture (real next gen), SUPERIOR to the PS3’s old-gen graphics (a basic nVidia 7x00).
The only problem with the 360 is reliability and that was MS’s fault for cutting corners on design and QC. That does suck.
Saying 360 has no exlusives is where your credibility TANKS.
The 360 exclusives are MULTI-MILLION sellers and set records on sales. Comapre GoW1, GoW2 and Halo 3 to ANY PS3 title in sales. Go look how Resistance 4 is selling compared to Gears 2. About 25%.
All the hard core gamers KNOW the 360 is where its at for the best games. WTF are you smoking ?


@ivid: I can only say that MP3 took the place of CD. I know it makes no sense as MP3 is not as good a quality and you have no physical 'thing" to hold in your hand, but this is what haappened and even now on downloads, they had to drop the DRM. People are just changing I guess, the way they enjoy their content. To place it in a disc- a disc that can get damaged or lost, just doesn’t cut it any more. Sadly, I cannot tell you the last time I bought a CD, but it has been over 2 years. When AllofMP3 was around it was nice, is all I can say. Now, all the music I ever knew of is on my HTPC and my laptop and my Sansa etc. No discs.

I think that downloads could take the place of these BR discs for a variety of reasons I really think they could stop DVD dead in it’s tracks. Convenience for one, not driving around to get a movie to buy or rent, then have to return it, etc. Impulse buying - you are bored with what’s on TV so you do a PPV or VOD boom! It’s there immediately and it looks fine. I cannot tell the future, if I could, I would be rich. But, I just know what has already happened before and see no reason for it not to happen again.