Blu-ray rot or something else?

Feel free to move this if you want but is this the start of disc rot and will it get worse? It’s like the reflective layer is being eaten away.

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How old is the disc? Is it from a good quality brand?
If it is very old, and was not treated well, the disc could be rotting. Don’t worry: You have time to back it up.
The rotten part has apparently not reached the data surface. Even if it did, error correction could probably compensate for some errors to a limited degree.
Try using tools such as gddrescue or dvdisaster or IsoBuster for Windows and try extracting the same damaged disc to an image file from multiple disc drives.

BluRay discs have several disadvantages compared to the unfortunately discontinued HD-DVD, mostly associated with the fragile position of the BluRay data layer.
*Data layer not in middle of disc (600µm) like on DVD, but only 100µm away from reflective surface! Superior read/write accuracy, but inferior robustness. That’s why a good BD must have a very scratch-resistant reflective surface. CDs have the same problem on the other side: only 100µm away from labeled surface. Sony’s fragile CD-Rs from 2009 could even be damaged by water on the label side. Sony’s DVDs were always pretty good, even before AccuCore. I remember them from my DV-RW250 (2004) in early childhood.
*No BD-RAM exists, unlike HD-DVD-RAM.
In my opinion, both should exist and be supported. The hidden advantages of HD-DVD are just unknown to the public.

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[I hope, that the HVD will have dual-axis redundant data mirroring and will be released soon.]

Isn´t it a pressed BD?

Had Expendables 2 BD which wasn´t old, insert it into a drive which made awful noise and after eject it I saw the disc want to split into two pieces.

HD-DVD lost because it had less capacity, I guess. And Toshiba & Co. wasn´t big enough to beat the Blu-ray Disc Foundation. Maybe the PS3 helped also a bit …

Only because of capacity, HD-DVD lost against Blu-Ray?
Well, capacity markets well. It is, just like megapixels, what average customers see.

In my opinion, it should still exist as ordinary data storage media. DVD is actually still more popular than BD. The DVD had the biggest relative success. And seriously, 8.5GB (dual layer) was immersive in 1996. In 2006, where the HD-DVD vs BD battle started, average SD/USB flash storage devices had not yet reached capacities to match.

I´m not sure if the customer was responsible for this… maybe the big manufacturers and movie-studios decide it. If you want to make a new format for (Video-)Disc you need the support of the ppl who distribute movies. Sony is a big player there, and their want BD

Pros for HD-DVD: Cheaper manufacturing because the DVD-manufacturers only need to modify the machines a bit

Pros for BD: More capacity, the big players want it.

First I also want BD because of capacity and in the beginning Sony want to use a casing for BD (like Minidisc, MoDisc), so I had also decided for BD

But later Sony said BD have no casing because of costs. Otherwise, Sony paid much money only for the copy-protection.

And we can´t change it now