Blu-Ray Ripping



Are they harder to rip? I’ve done DVD.


Yes they have more advanced protection that requires certain software. I recommend AnyDVD HD, especially for the many titles that have BD+ encryption. DVDFab has also added BD+ decryption so that is another possible choice. Neither are particularly inexpensive, so you should wait for one of their sales. One just ended Dec 31st for AnyDVD HD.

Blu ray can take a lot of room too. Most commercial BD disks will be well over 30gb, and many are over 40gb each.

It is possible to take out sections you don’t want after you rip. Look at tools like ClownBD for that. You can also compress Blu ray to fit onto 25gb blank blu ray disks, or onto blank dvds using a tool called BDRebuilder. DVDFab has these capabilities as well. Be aware that some Blu ray players won’t playback blu ray video burned onto blank dvds, either single or double layer dvds.


Look for a player that supports AVCHD and it should be able to at least play that format from a regular DVD.
My Panasonic BD-10a plays it fine and I doubt it was a consideration when this first gen player was built.