Blu-Ray Ripping

Hello all,

I have just purchase the new BDP-S300 Blu-Ray Disc player and although i knew that it wouldn’t play HD movies I wasn’t aware that it wouldnt even play VCD’s and SVCD’s etc. Sony’s are just about the best at playing all the different formats. So I bought myself a Sony 5 disc carousel player just for that, problem solved.

Anyway, here’s my question…

Is there software that will rip both the Blu-Ray and HD discs so that we can make the same copies of these that we do for our libraries at the moment and if so once they are ripped and stripped of all the ad’s etc will the newly formed disc play on each other’s formats because we all know that at the moment they are so proprietary and one doesn’t play the other’s format.

Thanks guys…

rip them all to dvd problem solved :p, ive seen a couple of programs that have blue ray options in but i dont know if they get past the protections etc

Yes marcus,
I did a few to DVD but it’s a time consuming process and I’m impatient, also VCD’s are cheaper… Anyway, hopefully someone else will enlighten me on which programs will open the Blu-Ray’s and HD’s up and also let me know If my Sony DL durners will do the trick or if like I suspect I need yet another new costly burner…

You can use

let me know If my Sony DL durners will do the trick
I assume it’s a DVD burner? You will need a Blu-ray burner to rip blu-ray movies.

Hi Zevia,
sorry for the typo, it is of course meant to read “Sony DL Burner” but to ask the question again, once a HD movie has been ripped and copied will it play on a Blu-Ray player?
thanks again,

It will if it is copied on a Blu-Ray disk.