Blu Ray Rip Speed Help

I am currently using dvdfab to rip my blu-ray. When I select just the main movie file to rip in the dvdfab settings I can get speeds around 5.02 MB/s which isn’t super fast but isn’t slow (I’m using the GGW H20L drive). When I select make a clone of full copy of the movie my max speed is only 1.80 MB/s. Anyway to increase the speed so it rips faster? Or a better way to rip movies or than anydvd?
BTW: I did uninstall daemon tools and the SPTD driver. I am running windows XP 32bit Amd dual core processor and 6GB of ram

Did you restart your PC after uninstalling daemon tools and the SPTD driver?

I don’t use DVDFab I have AnyDVD HD and doing the above I get around 10MB/s rips as I type this I am 60% through Friday the 13th and the speed is 15MB/s

Anydvd is much faster only question I have is it saves it as an image file, how do you just burn the movie file so u don’t have to burn on a bdr dl

I use the rip Video DVD to Hard Drive option that will save the unencrypted files to your PC then if you want to do a movie only rip I use tsmuxer and if I want to do a bd50 to bd25 copy I use BD-RB

If you want to max out your GGW-H20L, patch the firmware with MCSE (click here), then run AnyDVD HD in the background, and rip with DVDFab (if you want movie only).

Note that many new movies even the Movie Only will be larger than 25GB BD-R capacity so you will eventually need to use tsmuxer or BD Rebuilder to fit to 25GB.

Can you rip with AnyDVDHD as an .iso and then use BD-Rebuilder to take only the movie out and compress to a BD-25? I’ve heard that DVDFab no longer supports the newer Blu-Ray titles.