Blu-Ray Rip & Burn Programs

Which programs do i need to rip & burn Blu-Ray Movies? Does my computer have to have a Blu-Ray player as well read & writer for Blu-Ray? My current computer will play read and write cd’s-dvd’s single and dual layerd. I don’t think it is Blu-Ray.


You need to have a Blu-ray burner to be able to rip and burn blu-ray discs. Most Blu-ray drive can also do CD and DVD as well.

Popular software to rip: AnyDVD HD, to burn: ImgBurn (free).
There are many other softwares for Blu-ray disc authoring.

And a minimum spec of Pentium D 3Ghz (Dual core) is required for most model. If you have a Core Duo or Core2Duo that would be safe.

zevia what do you use for BD authoring?

I have tried some simple softwares, Pinnacle Studio and PowerProducer. Good enough for my need.

Was thinking to try Adobe CS3 Encore, DVDIt Pro or Scenarist…

encore is a pain in the ass, i would avoid it. scenarist if you could get it for free then yes, but to actually buy it just to expensive.

i’m trying nero vision again right now. its weird in nero vision BD project only allows interlaced, while HD-DVd project allows Progressive.

re-encoding two clips now to fit on single disc, will get EVO files, re-mux the evo files to M2TS afterwards