Blu-ray rides high as DVD sales plunge

I just posted the article Blu-ray rides high as DVD sales plunge.

Blu-ray’s rise continues at the expense of DVD.

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If you ask me, all this is about now is just a race between Blu-ray and online digital downloads… and guess who I think will win… :stuck_out_tongue:

BD media is all hype all those extra contents is a wasted space. That drop can be attribute to people already having those dvd and don’t need more releases of the same old dvd media they currently have. Remember dvd was to surpass and replace cd media but guess what cd is still around. It’s a failicy to believe dvd are going to go to the heap anytime soon. Most if not many older movies are in dvd format and most likely won’t go to BD just for the cost to remaster and then you have to justify the price and return in sales to even go BD. I for one will stay with dvd as most if not most of the movies I watch on dvd suits and depending on your video playback equip will determine how well the playback it. Bad or poor set will give you poor playback. So goes it’s not just the media itself but what and how you setup your equipment that will make it all more incompensing enjoyable and viewable time.

Blu-ray is a big bag of hurt for consumers. The ultimate double-dip slap in the face. When flat screen prices come down (way down), and the deep catalog dvd titles start popping up in discount stores, the I might consider taking the plunge. I have a feeling that will be a long way off.

Well I try to only buy Blu Ray now. I jumped on HD-DVD when the players hit 100 bucks and bought a crapload of HD-DVD movies while they were cheap, then I got a Panasonic BD-10a so I could continue to get newer movies when the other format folded.
I have about 11 BD movies, and 26 HD-DVD movies so I went purple and bought whatever was the best deal.
Finally they have dropped the price of older titles and some of the new releases so I think I’ll start buying more soon as my finances improve hopefully, been a rough year…
They really needed to drop the price of the players and movies anyways as I refuse to pay 30 bucks for a movie and 500 for a basic player or more. I think Sony finally got smart and got over getting even for Betamax.