Blu-ray recorders outpace DVD in Japan



I just posted the article Blu-ray recorders outpace DVD in Japan.

The market share for Blu-ray disc recorders has finally taken control of more than 50 percent of the consumer market in Japan, according to new recent numbers compiled by GfK Retail and…

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It’s a Sony! LOL


Now i’d really be onboard with the blu-ray if the computer blu-ray burners hit the sub-$100 dollar price point while the discs hit the sub $1 price range.


I’m onboard totally with buzz86’s comment. Gimmie a $70 blu-ray burner, 75-cent discs and I’m there.

Sweet dream, eh?:wink:


Well duh if you could afford it you would buy it. Just like if I could afford a Ferrari I would buy it but I can’t so I wont. It’s not an inferiour product like some people are making it out to be. It’s just right now it’s out of the middle classes reach.This is a higher class product which is why people who can afford it are typically buying it (you know at least the ones who know something about technology or are suckard by Best Buy). Your just going to have to be pateint. It will get lower in price with time (2 years max before it gets under $75) but nothing happens as fast as most of us “gimmie now” consumers want it to be.


Again, more fudged numbers from a country far away, from a failing company. I am half Japanese. I spend nearly 2 months a year in Japan. This article is total BS. Most people in Japan do NOT have or prefer Blu-ray, in any form.