Blu-Ray recorders already available in USA?



I just posted the article Blu-Ray recorders already available in USA?.

 White Wolf used our news submit  to tell us that a  company on Ebay is apparently selling Sony Blu-Ray video recorders already. The going price  for this device is a whopping $3,875 and is...
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woah… well, frankly, i am only waiting for data storage, and that means 50gb discs + pc recorder. and im not paying more than 300$ on that;p


Wow that price sounds ridiculous for such an unproven format! Yay, more MPEG 2 compression! It’s like a small tweak on DVD recorders as they exist today. I wont be buying one. Please develop a half terabyte disc and a new codec and I might join in.


That looks like the Sony BDZ-S77. It’s been out in Japan since 2003 and if I remember right, it doesn’t conform to the official Blu-Ray spec.


Yup the device is old and has been reported on in here before. It’s a tv recorder actually and is most likely locked down to the Japenese region in some way but i could be wrong. Anyhow since it is that old who knows if it has dvd or cd support.


sony killed decypter so i think sony should just crash n burn greed is the most hated of things in my life and sony have become too greedy


yes, that monstrosity was the first released Blu-Ray for the public. Matsushita (Panasonic) also released one on the Japanese market a little while after Sony. It’s a lot thinner. Gotta love those cartridges! Mmmmmm.


@CORRSA, Sony had nothing to do with shutting down DVD Decrypter. It was Macrovision.


Maybe I just don’t see but does anyone else see any DVI or Component outputs anywhere? Luis edit: removed off topic link
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It’s HDMI or bust I guess. Just like it seems to be now for the new formats. So get used to it.


sightly off topic/ Did anyone see the postage… $262! How is it being delivered, by the CEO of Sony:p /slightly off topic If you want a proper review of this machine before buying it then look at @Scifer: There is a DV in and 1 Component, 2 S-Video and 2 Composite out feeds (just in case you like to watch your movies on 5 TV’s)


$3,875 for Sony junk? :r


$3,875 :r


Maybe someone just imported five of them from a Japanese reseller selling them.


Based on the other junk his guy is selling and the high shipping cost, I would wager that he doesn’t actually have any on hand, but knows someone in Asia that does and that’s where it will be shipped from.


Who Cares ! Holographic Disk Drives will be out in 2006 and they will dwarf Blu-Ray storage disk ! :r


they might, but they certainly aren’t selling to Joe Average; they’ll be aimed at enterprises with specific needs, and you & I certainly won’t be able to afford them.


@petera Thanks for info but in the picture above I don’t the traditional component colored RCAs. Where in pic do you see it? Are you sure, maybe because this is a Japanese model.
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