Blu-ray receives another price cut

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Blu-ray supporters will sit on pins and needles this holiday season, hoping consumers finally begin to adopt the high-definition format that has struggled in recent months.
Older Blu-ray…

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I think I saw for this Saturday at Wal-mart a 80 gig PS3 for 399 that comes with a 100 dollar gift card. If you have money this winter, you will be able to get some hellacious deals. I am just not sure whether the best deals will be before xmas or after…

Damn, I was hoping for 4 more years of George W. Bush. He knows how to ruin an economy and really bring prices down.

LMFAO I always buy my electronics after christmas "looks behind best buy’s counters and asks I can take that off ya… 50% off please"
I always buy the returns after christmas when they slash the returns some 50-70 % off lol to hell with buying on christmas time lmao I stopped doing that years ago…

Good luck this year on those after christmas returns bargains muhhahahahaha:bow:

Coolios, you are right about the deals after Christmas. I would even bet, during January, you could get better deals when stores are doing inventory.

Yes After Jan 15 ( last deadline for returns) 1 day after all you see is blowout stickers everywhere DO NOT MISS this day after Jan 15.
I stopped shopping retail and only buy returns slighted used of course have not bought anything new in years… Call me cheap call me an idiot call me a moron if you want… I dont pay what you pay I pay 70% less so get the same product …I am cheap so I will continue to live that way for a long time

@ Coolios

Cheap. Idiot. Moron.
There, happy?

BluRay Sucks! why would I want to buy a player that needs to be constantly updated from the internet (a cable from my router to my living room??) so I can watch movies I bought?? why would I do that??? the world is taking big strides towards SolidState storage and movie (even in HD) files! bluray is the way of a dying industry to grab some more dollars before it dies completely.

Thanks duke, Now I am at peace!!! :bigsmile:
I will see you at Best Buy january 16 right?? heheheh

Too bad that even solidstate storage hasn’t lived up to expectations. I’d love it if you could give me some examples of HD movies available on solid state storage.

Also, try researching about the ‘HD’ that is available for download before complaining about Blu-ray. Here are some things you won’t find with ‘HD’ movies available for download: 1080p resolution, uncompressed audio and better interactivity (if you’re into that).

You don’t have to have a cable from your router to your living room! You could just use a USB key drive to update your player. BluRay will eventually die, but meanwhile, for the next 10 years or so, why not enjoy high def movies?

In my opinion it is the price of the movies that need to come down. I am not going to go out and replace dvds that i already have with blu ray. I am also not going to spend $25 on a new release.