Blu Ray Readers

My situation is this, I am looking for a good blu ray reader for my system but have read a lot of people having problem with them and running windows 7. I just want to transfer my blu rays to iTunes, that’s it. So does anyone have any suggestions for a good reader that will work with my system?

Windows 7 Pro 64

Also do I need any software to play the blu ray I know that Win 7 does not natively support blu ray, just dont know if I need to go for a retail pkg or can get away with an OEM and free software.



there is no free BD playback software, so you’re better off with an offer that includes software.


Do you have any suggestions on which software?

Not really. I’d just use the software that comes bundled with the drive.


PowerDVD is the software you’ll find included with most blu ray drives. It will be a slightly crippled version compared to their retail software. The version that came with my LG drive would only output in 2 channel stereo, rather than support the HD audio.

I prefer Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater, but it is rarely bundled with drives, and if you buy it at retail, it now costs more than some blu ray burners.

It is possible to play an individual m2ts file from the Streams folder within blu ray structure. Most blu ray movies will have the main movie contained in one of these m2ts files, but some are split across several files. So this makes playing them back a bit problematic when using free software. But it is possible to use something like Media Player Classic HomeCinema with m2ts files. You won’t get the menus, which makes playing extras difficult. MPCH is about as close as it gets for free playback of blu ray.