Blu-ray -r and -re on the PS3?

i want to know if anyone has tried to use there blu-ray burner and successfully played them on the ps3? i want to know if both current versions of burnable disks will work on the ps3 both one time records and rewrites disks.


I’m sure I read somewhere that the PS3 will read both BD-R and BD-RE discs.

If you’re talking about games, then I severely doubt that anyone has managed to get past the copy protection and boot the backup copy successfully. It probably works in the same way as PS2 and PS1 games. My guess is that there’s some boot sectors on every PS3 game.

I think I heard that the PS3 will be able to play backups of Blu-Ray Video discs though as the copy protection of Blu-Ray Video discs has been bypassed many months ago.

sweet thanks was just talking about movies. would probally have to convert my divx to dvd and put many of them on a blueray or something. also bluray back ups would be good considering the movies are 30+$ each.

Thanks for the info.

Blu-Ray Video discs should theoretically work in the same way as DVD Video discs.

Region-free or Region 0 DVDs can be played on any DVD Player including a Playstation 2.

So if you’re able to create a Region-free Blu-Ray Video disc, then it should play in a Playstation 3.

No need for that, actual hardware upscalers make that easier and quicker…