Blu-ray promotion from Sony and Discovery Channel



I just posted the article Blu-ray promotion from Sony and Discovery Channel.

Consumers purchasing a Sony Blu-ray player in October have a big chance to get exclusive Discovery Channel programming with it. For months the Blu-ray Disc Association and many others talked…

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Ooooh wow, a free $5 disc with the player. I can’t wait. :Z


Gee… a sampler of TV shows that have been in endless repeat on the Discovery ChannelHD in 1080i already forever! I must have them- they may stop repeating the shows in several years!! Do ya think that the disc will also offer to sell you the rest of the episodes? This is a pathetic excuse for a promotion.


There was a better deal during in the summer where Sony were giving away four free films on Blu Ray. It is a bit lame only offering just a sampler disc. You would have think with holiday season comming and better films being released to DvD and Blu Ray that they would have reintroduced the four free films.


A sampler disc of the sun rising? Get outta here. Well, looks like I’m off to Wal-Mart to buy Blu-ray. What, I first have to put a second mortgage on my home? Meh.