Blu-ray promotion from Sony and Discovery Channel

Consumers purchasing a Sony Blu-ray player in October have a big chance to get exclusive Discovery Channel programming with it. For months the Blu-ray Disc Association and many others talked about this year’s fall, since the end of the year was promised to be the moment for price drops and promotions.

Now it seems that the holiday push is officially on, says With name-brand players dropping below the magical $200 limit and promotions like the above, we can clearly see that the push has started. The Sony-Discovery promotion will launch on the 5th of October for a total of two weeks.

“Discovery has emerged as the gold standard among high-definition television programmers,” said Patrick Gates, president and general manager of Discovery Commerce, “We could think of no better partner than Sony Electronics to help showcase our spectacular adventure and nature programming to Blu-ray customers.”

During these weeks customers will receive a gift-with-purchase coupon redeemable for an exclusive high-definition program sampler called Discovery on Blu-ray. The sampler will include episodes from Fearless Planet and Sunrise Earth. A total of 11,000 retailers will take part in this promotion, including chains such as Sears, Circuit City and Sony Style.

“The Blu-ray Disc format unlocks the true potential of today’s high-definition televisions with a stunning full HD experience,” said Chris Fawcett, vice president of marketing for Sony Electronics’ Home Video Division. “Discovery’s high-quality programs are a tailor made showcase for Blu-ray Disc and a great first experience for a consumer new to the format.”