Blu-ray production adopted faster than DVD

I just posted the article Blu-ray production adopted faster than DVD.

Now that the consumer is still in the adoption phase, and major consuming isn’t happening yet, you would think Blu-ray production to be still at its start. This isn’t true, says the German optical…

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Looks like Hypnosis4U2NV was right on the money when he said we’re posting too much Blu-ray news. Maybe we should rename the site No, wait. That’s already taken. How about Lemmie check… [pause] Good news, it’s available. :r :r :r
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Sounds good to me. I stopped burning CD’s years ago :S

NukeDukem, Blu-ray has won, before it was about CDs, then DVDs and now, believe it or not, Blu-ray which is the succesor to the DVD, deal with it!

I have no problem with blu-ray news, as I use bluray. I’m looking a price drop on blankmedia, more storage on a disc would be very handy.

Hey, [B]Duke[/B], I suppose you said the same, when the DVD format started gaining traction on the marketplace? Since this is mostly a site devoted to optical formats, I suppose it’s only normal to go from CD -> DVD -> Blu-Ray, no? Being the next generation optical format, it’s only natural that Blu-Ray will be, more and more, the dominant theme here. Where’s the surprise on that? Oh, wait, it’s because you’re a member of the anti-Sony club and don’t like to see any news suggesting that Blu-Ray is here to stay? Tough luck for you, I guess… :wink: Better get used to it. :d
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@ Afterburner No, HD DVD was the successor to DVD. Blu-ray is the bastard son of Sony and I’ll go kicking and screaming to my grave before I spend a cent on it. I’ll also do my best to make sure other people don’t spend their money on it. @ johnzap No, I wanted DVD in a big way. After seeing MPEG1 players, with a movie spread over two or three discs, I knew something better was on its way. DVD was a huge leap from VHS. No more rewinding or snow. Yes, I hate Sony and Blu-ray. Guess what? ALOT of other people on this site hate Sony and Blu-ray. Better get used to it.
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Maybe write a good and well written article about it NukeDukem and ask the guys here to post it for you. I only see the same comments over and over again, maybe if you write something good you can change my mind…

Just for the facts. There are hundreds of companies who are manufacturing DVD-s worldwide. Hundreds. Most of them operate 2-10 or even more lines at one location. Biggest industry players, who are manufacturing titles for big studios, operates 50-100 lines simultaneously. And now we are talking about 21 ordered BD lines. Considering the facts, that BD production is much slower than a DVD line, and yield rates are terrible (especially for BD50) celebrating the 21 BD line is nothing more than bullshit.

@ Afterburner “I only see the same comments over and over again” My God, man. Are you serious? You see the same comments over and over again because Sony pulls the same crap on us over and over again. They care nothing about the consumers. You want a list? Fine… DukeNukem’s top 10 list to stay away from Sony and Blu-ray: 1) Profile 1.0, Profile 1.1, Profile 2.0… 2) Player prices are too expensive 3) Movie prices are too expensive 4) Exploding batteries 5) Root kits 6) Excessive DRM 7) Fragile discs 8) Player constantly needs to update 9) Proprietary products 10) Sony management = a bunch of proven liars. They say one thing and do another. Oh, sure we’ll get you the tools you need to remove our root kits. The tools don’t work, but we’re happy to provide them to you. What say you, frequent visitors of Does this sound like an accurate Top 10 list for Sony?

Sounds very accurate to me.

@DukeNukem I agree with Afterburner, after reading your itemized list I would be very interested in reading an articulated article from you. From reading many of your comments it’s evident that you are paasionate. Put it to good use instead of slaming. After all, that’s the purpose of this site. One thing though, which is what I believe the others were trying to convey. Respectfully, your negativity is so constant that it comes accross as nagging, bitchin’ & complaining. I gets old after a while but I must admit though, I used to find it entertaining.

SONY CAN KISS MY ASS they are money grabbing ass wipes and they all deserver to die horrible deaths :r

Joe sixpack doesn’t give a damn about Blu-ray and it’s his demographic that matters. Sony can piss off with their anti-consumer beta products and let a real innovator enter the market instead. Blu-ray will end up as Laser Disc Mark II.

As usual, I agree with DukeNukem… DVD was a HUGE step forward when it replaced VHS… There were so many advantages over VHS that it took off quick and most importantly, consumers ACCEPTED it! Now to say that Blu-Ray is being adopted faster than DVD is just plain bullsh!t… And I enjoy what DukeNukem posts on this site… Many of the old timers here can attest that this site lost a bit of sole from its early days… There used to be tons of posts here about all types of topics ranging from media, players, burners, programs firmwares, etc… Lately its all about how well Blu-Ray is doing and $800 players or $100 ones from Walmart… In my opinion it is biased, but if your gonna post new topics about the same thing, then your gonna get the same responses… So DukeNukem, FLAME AWAY, I got your back… You may want to add this to your list: 11) Buys its support from companies to force its format of choice or of its own design on consumers…

Hey, [B]Duke[/B], your answer to me makes absolutely 0 (zero) sense. It’s not a matter of what you like or dislike. What I was saying was that Blu-Ray, like it or not, is the optical format evolution from DVD. Call it “bastard” as much as you want, you’ll not change this fact. Therefore, since this is mostly an optical tech site, it’s only natural that the next generation format (Blu-Ray) is discussed more and more. By the way, let me ask you one thing: do you use M$ products? I’m pretty certain I could come up with a similar list of crap that M$ does or has done. Would you start hating M$ too, then? :d

@ SciFer I don’t think I understand. What kind of an article? I don’t slam Sony, I just tell the truth about Sony. If they didn’t crap on us, the consumers, at every turn then I wouldn’t write the things I do. There wouldn’t be a reason to. For instance, last year my wife wanted an MP3 player for Christmas. Nothing too expensive. Just something to listen to MP3s, FM radio, and watch downloaded episodes of General Hospital. After extensive research I came upon Sony’s NWZS615FB 2GB Walkman Video MP3 Player. It seems that Sony had learned its lesson from its previous players and this one was actually a real gem. The specs were good and I bought it for her. She’s very happy with it. What can’t Sony be like that with everything they make? @ Hypnosis4U2NV “And I enjoy what DukeNukem posts on this site. So DukeNukem, FLAME AWAY, I got your back…” Thanks brother. I know you and I aren’t alone. We’re not mindless Sony/Blu-ray zombies who believe every news release about how good Blu-ray is doing this month or that Blu-ray isn’t selling lately because of low stock. I’m also glad you like my comments. I know there are others, like yourself, who enjoy my ramblings and like the fact that there’s someone leading the fight again big corporations who think they can trample our consumer rights. @ johnzap “It’s not a matter of what you like or dislike.” Me? No. Me, Crabbyappleton, Hypnosis4U2NV, chickenlittle, Witchdoctor, BitRate, and many others who visit this site? Yes. Our wallets help decide how successful Blu-ray will be. “do you use M$ products?” Yes, I do. Do they make crap, too? Yes. I will NEVER move to Windows Vista or Office 2007. I’ll use Windows XP and Office 2003 until they make a worthy replacement. I call it like it is, man. @ Visitors of CDFreaks Just a note for everyone on this site. I write what I write because I’m passionate about the subject. I don’t post comments because I’m bored. I try to bring truth and humour into my comments. If you don’t agree with my opinion then that’s perfectly fine. However, if you think I’m an ass because I won’t bend to your opinion then that’s not so great. I’m not here to change your opinion, just to state the facts. We’re all adults here, so let’s try to get along. If Sony (or anyone else) makes a crappy product then I’ll complain about it and let you know EXACTLY why it’s crap. We can discuss our opinions all you want. All I ask is that everyone keep an open mind and listen to the other’s point of view. If after all that you don’t agree with me or I don’t agree with you then that’s okay. Hopefully we had a good time discussing it.

You people are funny…I like HD-DVD and BluRay, have from the start…1080p is fun as is HD audio…yet I don’t own a single BluRay disc or an HD-DVD or an HD-DVD player or a BluRay player…You know you don’t have to buy much to enjoy this stuff…you people do know this ,right? :d

@DukeNukem don’t worry mate, your comments and posts are the real reason why it is worth visiting the site anyway… And BluRay “news” are quite a good reason to stay away from it… where are the good old articles about HW and media and alike… now it’s all about BR and how good it is doing. Seems none can deny the facts you listed against $ony, at least I’ve yet to see ONE johnzap could deny. :r /oops he probably will list a few of M$'s tricks, but that’s life…/

Personally if they were to quit updating profiles Blu-Ray can be a success. Yes the movies are crammed with DRM, XP has a small amount and the same for vista too. I was glad the HD war was over till I saw all the Blu-Ray players do nothing but spike in price and they wonder why it isn’t adopted by the masses yet? They have brains but I feel they lack common sense? I personally was wanting HD-DVD to win far as movies go even if they threw on protections as ACSS or worse. I don’t understand all the talk about this and that sarcastically saying as when you look at the poll “How do you get your movies?” the biggest percentage is downloaded. I admit BD won’t stop this but it was one of the main reasons why. I just know I definitely don’t want to see VoD win the format and allot of people are pushing for it and some internet companies are setting up for it too with a big premium price to add.