Blu-ray prices go up following HD DVD's death

I just posted the article Blu-ray prices go up following HD DVD’s death.

Now that there is no longer competition between Blu-ray and HD DVD, Blu-ray prices have started showing an increasing trend going by this TG Daily report. As a result, while the consumer can…

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You wanted this and now we have it. I saw this coming already. They will not get my money. Long Live HD-DVD

@t_solo…why don’t you stop behaving like a spoilt brat,do you really think that your few pennies will change the direction of BLU-RAY.

Quote: “Blu-ray prices go up…” :o & internet connections go faster :g

I already download HD movies through XBOX live for viewing via my XBOX 360. The take a little longer than SD movies from Amazon Unbox. Since my HDTV won’t display 1080P anyway, I am perfectly happy with upscaled SD or downloaded 720P HD. Blu-Ray will not be getting my money anytime soon. Even a sub-$300 price is too high to tempt me away from HD or SD internet downloads. Try sub-$200 or better yet, sub-$100 (a-la HD DVD).

Just wait until “if and when” Bluray becomes mainstream and DVD starts disappearing from the shelf! You will pay and pay and pay again, to use features you can get for free now. THey can’t fool with the present DVD player and the media we use on it as it is not sophisticcated enough. I still say the main thrust or incentive for studios to back a format is to wean us off the easily cracked CSS and make the present players obsolete. Then, they can use the internet connections to sell us stuff after the sale- and also “upgrqade” check and revoke content etc. Want to rip to a portable device? Sure! That will be 5 dollars please. Want to stream over a network.? No problemo! Just check the box as we can do this online since we have your credit card number. Also, brace yourself for endless interactivity features" such as special offers upcoming films you can pre-order through your player via the net etc. I tell you we are being set up.

$ony is giving me the runs. These are dark times, my friends.

Sony fanboy must be very happy to see this happen. Now let’s hope SlySoft will crack the latest BD+ soon. :d

Xmas = price drop and sale. Jan-Feb-March = normal price and that explains lightly upward blu-ray trend. Panny BD30 is the most wanted player along with Sony S300. Hence higher demand drives higher price. Why not show stats for the problematic Samsung 1200? Should be steep downward trend.

Right now on demand has nothing on BD. The bitrates of (properly mastered) BD movies give a far better quality than anything you can download. When the download services start supplying their stuff as 25-50GB files, then we’ll see some parity in quality. After having tried BD & HD-DVD, I won’t settle for the macro-blocking that is all too common with low bitrate encodes.

I saw this coming a mile away. I won’t be getting a player anytime soon or a HDTV. My old CRT is still working and will be for a few more years at least.

Did anyone even look the rising prices or consider that maybe supply and demand may cause the subtle price increase? Players will only get cheaper, besides the copy protection there is nothing wrong with Blu-Ray.

Jim Kiler said: “besides the copy protection there is nothing wrong with Blu-Ray.” That’s like saying, “This new car is great, except that because of the special new digital ignition lock, I can never let anyone but me drive it.”

Bahhh… it’s going to be a very long long time before I even consider buying blu-ray if ever at all… you cannot trust Sony… one of these days you fan boys will learn… next thing you know they will work a way to incorporate a “Pay Per Play” option into the players so that you will have to pay a royalty to the studio every time you watch the disc… ala “Divx”… they are some sneaky bastards… expect now in the not so distant future Sony will attempt to try and force Blu-ray on the non-converters by putting out “Blu-ray” exclusive movie releases, skipping traditional DVD to force their DRM riddled garbage on us all… that’sok… I quit illegally downloading stuff a few years ago and just decided to buy, because I can afford to do so… try and force me to convert or do without? I’ll go back to downloading and make my own for my collection… either way i’m gonna watch what I want to watch, when I want to watch it, and if I buy it, i’m going to back it up for archival purposes in case the original gets damaged… you will not dictate how I can use the items I purchase, you will not take away my fair use of the products.

Jim, then buy a Philips or Samsung Player :smiley: I really hate when ppl say Sony all the time. It’s NOT THEIRS ALONE.