Blu-ray price drop kicks off

Sony just announced to drop the prices of two of their BD-Live equipped Blu-ray players. Some forecasted that Blu-ray prices were going down at the end of 2008 and maybe they will be right.

The company lowered the price of their new BDP-S350 to $299, says Besides the S350, Sony also lowers the price of their upcoming BDP-S550 to $399.

Both reductions represent a $100 reduction and match Panasonic’s reduction a couple weeks ago. The main difference between the Sony BD-S350 and BD-S550 is that the S550 is equipped with 1GB of internal storage, 7.1 analog outs and support to decode DTS-HD Master Audio.

If you choose to buy the BD-S350 you will have to buy your own external memory to enjoy BD-Live and its advantages. The BD-S350 is available now and the S550 will ship next month.

Many will be happy with the price drop, but of course there will always be unlucky customers. “Makes me mad cause I bought the S350 38 days before the price drop and BB’s price guarantee is only good for 30 days,” writes a visitor at

Yup, saw the 350 for $299 at BB yesterday.