Blu-ray players popular in Australia

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Many don’t even think about buying a Blu-ray player at this moment, and they will probably wait until next fall. Samsung recently released a new home theater system, called the HT-BD2T, in Australia…

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Im in Australia and can vouch for Blu-Ray’s immense popularity since the market / consumers left HD-DVD like a sinking ship. Blu-ray in Australia is more affordable and getting cheaper on a monthly basis. Interestingly, Samsung was one of the major supporters of HD-DVD and one of the major backers who put up the white flag, but they had their Blu-ray hardware / players as a backup when HD-DVD died. Samsung is also seen as a more cost effective brand compared to the likes of Sony / Panasonic - the big Japanese companies. As long as Samsung, put in the features and quality of other brands and add their own technological touch to their products, sales will continue to grow at an immense rate.

This is spin. I live in Australia and can honestly say that Blu-ray has yet to make a dent in the marketplace. The majority of consumers are still buying DVDs and watching them on 68cm CRT TVs or HDTVs (with upscaling). This claim smells more like Sony marketing propaganda than actual fact.

I’m Australian and I don’t know any friends who have a Blu Ray player, not counting PS3, otherwise I know a few. Seriously, we can hardly afford houses these days with the interest rates going up, let alone food and ridiculous petrol prices, which are also going up. Our wages amazingly only increase 3 or so % each year (unless you work for a dumb American owned company, who don’t believe in pay increases every year) so it’s quite interesting to know how that all works out… Blu-Ray popular in Australia… come off it mate.