Blu-ray players begin breaking $200 barrier

I just posted the article Blu-ray players begin breaking $200 barrier.

Anyone who has held off purchasing a Blu-ray player will be happy to know that their waiting period has paid off, as Blu-ray players have have dropped by at least 20% over the past 45…

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Future Shop has the Sharp BD-HP20U on for 199.99 Cdn right now.

Yeah, I saw that. Maybe I’ll wait until that “1” gets removed from the price. Oh, who am I kidding? You’d have to hold a red-hot branding iron up to my genitals to get me to purchase Blu-ray.

Why would any one buy a Profile 1.0 or 1.1 player, ever?

Wouldn’t go below $200. by year end???then again nobody predicted the 700 trill bailout either…no commerce market…no money left over for blue ray players!!!

Actually, this is quite an impressive price point. Consider what it takes to create such a device and to market it. I have to commend the efficiency of these manufacturers. Now, lets ask ourselves: If a company can create a hardware device that can decrypt and play high def video- why in the hell do 4 movie discs exceed the cost of the player? OUCH!

Can someone please enlighten me? I mean, they already tore up the world with the movies at the theater, why in the heck are they retailing for nearly 30 dollars a pop? Surely it cannot be that expensive to provide content for such a sophisticated player that costs a mere 200 dollars? How expensive is it really to stamp out discs? Are we getting shafted by Hollywood? Or by the royalty takers?

Do we really want to support this sort of thing and at the same time restrict our Fair Use Rights?

Discuss amongst yourselves…

:By Carlos de Souza (guest), Fri 17 Oct 2008 23:17
Why would any one buy a Profile 1.0 or 1.1 player, ever?" Unless you want all the BD live crap a profile 1.1 player would be fine.

I wait patiently maybe with more deflation on the rise in the markets we will see a bigger drop not so good for retailers wanting to make a mint off these, but good for consumers who have a 'lil cash.

it is like selling cheap camera and making profit from the film.

each home buys one player, so sell it cheap. but, they buy multiple blue-ray discs. make the profit there.

once you have a blue-ray player, you would probably inclined to pay the extra and skip DVD.

Yes I have to agree the player must be cheaper and decent quality to attract a larger base of consumers who are new to the technology after all nothing is made in the U.S.A so whats with the BIG Price tag??? is it just me?, or are these companys abit greedy?.

"it is like selling cheap camera and making profit from the film"
NOPE !..It´s more like selling cheap COLOR PRINTERS and making profit from the INK …:bigsmile:

Just ordered Samsung 1500 from Amazon $215 free shipping and free Ultimate Matrix Collection. Best price I ever saw!

JohnnyJT :cool:
South Philly

Good to see prices come down. Although, I will wait until Blu-ray becomes really cheap, like under $100 for a player. Another reason I’m waiting, is to see if Blu-ray really is just a fad. Even Samsung is saying it will only last 5 years. I am not going to put a lot of money into something if its going to be gone in 5 years.