Blu-ray players 25% cheaper in US



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Prices of Blu-ray players are dropping in the US now Sony, Sharp, Pioneer, Samsung and LG have reduced the retail prices for their entry-level Blu-ray players in the United States. The average price…

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The Players that dropped I bet are all the Profile 1.0’s too I bet.


I don’t give a cr4p about profiles…I got my BluRay/HD-DVD combo player for $179. It’s called an NMT. GET INTO IT!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


A fool and his / her money are soooooon parted !


I think the only persons worried about profiles are the anti-Blu-Ray mob! :bigsmile:

Usually the argument is that what is important is to watch the movie. However, for Blu-Ray, and because this suits their interests, suddenly, being able to watch the crappy extras, is extremely important. Oh, coherence is such a lovely thing…


I am far from anti-bluray but if and only if I decided to watch the extras I’d like a cheap player to do so.


johnzap wrote “I think the only persons worried about profiles are the anti-Blu-Ray mob!”

I got the feeling that you are right. :iagree:
But don’t worry johnzap, we can’t live without them. :bigsmile:
Most blu-ray owners don’t give a damn about profiles. There’s plenty of polls throughout the internet.

Profile 1.1 = PIP. Try to watch one and see if you like so much and it’s a must. I tried a couple movies (even HD DVD movies), for me, the answer is no. Just like director commentary in DVD, I think I only watched 1 or 2 out of hundreds DVD movies last year.

Profile 2.0 = BD-Live. Same with above, I better do BD-Living from my PC!! How are you going to chat with your friends or the director using a REMOTE?? It’s a joke!

Back to topic. :slight_smile:
A friend got Samsung 1400 for $299 at bestbuy last month, quoted by the manager. I think the news is out since a while ago in the high level ranks but not official yet.


In my part of the world you have to watch these “cheap” players. We seem to be a dumping ground for profile 1.0 players, especially samsungs…


Over here, MediaMarkt is currently offering the Samsung P1400 at a special sales price of €99. While stocks last. Not too bad, eh?


I personally don’t give a rat’s ass about Blu-ray profiles, as far as the extra features are concerned. However I have read and heard that some newer Blu-ray movies are completely unplayable on older profile 1.0 players. If this is, in fact, true, then I would not be too keen on buying one of these “less expensive” Blu-ray players.


@ferd. I have not hear or read that, any link you can show us? I own Sony BDP-S300 which is Profile 1.0 and it plays everything I throw.


I think most Profile 1.0 players will play the main movie on most newer disks. The older player will not play (obviously) the special features of the newer Profile. I think that if the disk’s menu uses BD-J and the Blu-ray player has not received a firmware update for BD-J, then the disk will not play. Some manufacturers are better than others at releasing firware updates. Sony is most likely pretty good about this. Others are not. Hence the stories about unplayable disks. I do not know anything about which specific disks may be/have been affected.
Anyway, because of this possibility, I would not be too keen on buying one of these “clearance” Blu-ray players. If there are any problems playing any disks due to firmware updates, the manufacturers of the “clearance” players may or may not have such firmware update(s).