Blu-ray player with extensive DLNA support

The frustrations of using DLNA!
I copied all my music, photos and videos to a NAS Synology with the idea I could stream the media to my living room. I have a high-end TV (Sharp 80" LED), decent receiver (Onkyo NR616) and decent Blu-ray player (Sony BDP-BX59) - all that support DLNA.

What I find, however, is the Sharp supports all my formats and generally works great EXCEPT the sound outputs to internal TV speakers only so it’s of little value. The Onkyo plays music fine but doesn’t support video or photos and the Sony plays video just fine but doesn’t support music (at least in mp3 format) or photos! WTF!!

Since I’m not about to replace my $4000 TV or $500 Onkyo it comes down to the Blu-ray player.

I’m looking for a player that supports DLNA, mp4 video, mp3 music and jpg photos. Can anyone offer any suggestions on where I might start looking?