Blu-ray player losing connection/power

hi,i have a sony blu-ray rom drive model#bdu-x10s. 2x speed . computer specs are:
2.44ghz quad core amd phenom processor
4gb ocz 800 memory ddr2
500gb sata hdd
250gb ide hdd
9600gt pny verto video card
500 watt antec power supply
32" insignia lcd 720p as computer monitor
samsung writemaster dvd optical ide drive

blu-ray movies and dvd movies will be playing, all of a sudden the movies stops playing for app. 3 secs and light on drive stops blinking and drive stops spinning. after the 3 secs light somes back on drive starts spinning again and movie continues. this happens on both dvd movies and blu ray. i am running windows 7 currently. movies have ran fine before but after a install of windvd these things are starting to happen so i went ahead and removed it and installed cyberlink power dvd 9 ultra which has the same problem, also tries dvd video in windows media player and had same problem.

i am leaning on hardware issue, maybe even sata cable. let me know what yall thank, and all help is appreciated, thanks

I would say it’s a software conflict issues but I can’t say for sure. Maybe you can cleanup bad registries and temporary files using CCleaner and run defrag on your harddrive first?

Old thread Im replying to, but I think this might be the same problem I am having. I can see you have an Antec PSU, are you using a fusion case with a LCD display (or similar)?

I have a problem with my system and I believe its some kind of conflict between my blu-ray drive and the Antec LCD display. I am also using Windows 7 and the blu-ray drive will often just disappear completely of the device list and theres no way to get it back unless you reboot.

I have dual boot with XP and in XP the problem doesnt happen.

It seems to be a hardware (possibly driver) problem rather than a software problem as Ive tried removing the LCD software and Power DVD etc (so its just basic Win7), but the problem persists.