Blu-ray player builds to cost $50 by 2010

I just posted the article Blu-ray player builds to cost $50 by 2010.

Good news for people waiting to buy into Blu-ray: Production costs will reportedly be cut in half over the next year.

Industry sources told DigiTimes (pay wall) that the cost to make a…

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and what about Blu-ray burners and Blank discs?

Well, they will need to keep the burners and blanks priced high to keep all the criminals from stealling all the blu-ray goodness. Since we know only pirates use burners and blanks.

Forget the burner & blank disc issues, when will BD movie prices become reasonably affordable as SD movies? The movie prices are probably the biggest deal-breaker keeping people from buying BD.

I don’t even buy/rent Blu-ray movies anymore because they aren’t formated to fit a 16x9 screen TV. I rent standard definition DVDs and my Blu-ray player upscales them to 1080p. There is very little (if any) noticable difference in the picture, and it fills the screen without having to stretch it. The first time I watched a Blu-ray movie, I actually felt cheated because in order to see the entire image on the screen, it has those damn black borders on the top and bottom!

Expect these prices for old profiles like 1.0/1.1 I bet.

wtf? DVD uses the same aspect ratios that bluray does? A dvd thats in 2.35:1 would be same ratio on a bluray? And bluray quality is definately better, what kind of pos tv do you have? Learn how to use the technology.
I also don’t think blurays will get as cheap as dvd’s, just because dvd’s cost pennies to produce and are well beyond recouping their r and d costs. Allthough it’d be nice if the premium charged on blurays wasn’t so much.

LOL I just read a Harris poll that says more Americans own HD DVD players (10%) than Blu ray…the “winning” format!


When I read this poll, I realised Blu ray has a long way to go - they better start selling these players right now for 80 dollars and not wait till 2010!!! And they also better make new release movies the same price as a DVD immediately or it will never catch on. Even better- sell 'em cheaper!

The only way to push the format is to get people interested in the discs. This ain’t gonna happen when you can get a hassle free copy of a DVD movie for a lot less than a fickle HD version that costs more!

It should be the other way around…

Here is how it works: “I just got a new Blu ray player for 80 bucks! Which is about the same price as a good upscaling DVD player! But, the discs are 5 bucks cheaper than DVD - so, the player will pay for itself in time…not to mention- they are HD!!! Oh, and my DVD’s look great on it.”

The biggest problem with Blu-Ray here in New Zealand is the price of players around $800+ (US$500) for players. I can get a PS3 cheaper… The movies are the same price that DVDs were a couple of years ago.

I don’t see bluray movies getting cheaper than dvd. The DVD market is totally saturated, they’re dirt cheap now. 10 years ago DVD was about as expensive as bluray movies are now. You’ll probably see movies (whether a new release or first issue on bluray) somewhat expensive when they first come out, and then dropped later (similar to dvd), so companies maximize their profits. First they sell to the people that are willing to pay 25 for the movie, then 20, then 15. There’s been alot of 9.99 bluray sales around here lately of older movies on blu, so the prices are dropping. I don’t think the prices are going to be as cheap as dvd though, as dvd has been around for over 10 years and the dvd market is over saturated resulted in cheap prices.

In addition to bluray movies being more expensive than DVD’s and the debatable detectability of improved picture quality (need a 46" plus screen, etc.), for me there is the issue of movie extras. When I first started watching DVD movies back in 1998, I would often check the “filmography” of the various actors in the movie. That was about the only thing “extra” that I ever watched. Now I find myself supremely apathetic about any movie “extras” and therefore unwilling to pay any premium for a movie disk, just for that kind of crap. You can find out most things better and easier on

The aspect ratio of Blu-ray movies is generally in the vicinity of 2.35:1 to 2.4:1. The aspect ratio of a 16:9 widescreen TV translates to 1.78:1. Therefore, when watching Blu-ray movies, you get black bars at the top and botton of the screen, unless you stretch the image and/or crop the sides.

Widescreen, standard definition DVDs are generally within a few lines of the 1.78:1 aspect ratio, depending on the aspect ratio of the original film.

“Learn how to use the technology”? Ya, you probably should.

Heh heh, I guess you don’t know much about movies. The aspect ratio for a movie, DVD or Blu-Ray, will be determined by the movie’s maker. They can make them 4:3, 16:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, whatever. It has nothing to do with DVD or Blu-Ray as a format or standard. You can have Blu-Ray discs that are 16:9 just as easily as DVD discs. It isn’t aspect ratio that makes them different, it’s capacity and resolution, among other things. Blu-Ray has a max resolution of 1920x1080 (16x9 or 1.78:1) and NTSC DVD is normally 720x480 (1.5:1) but they can use any aspect ratio they want for the video contained inside those bounds.

and remember now they have finalized the spare copy for bluray all the old players that can’t do it will drop in price when the new ones come out in 2010 that can provide you with a copy for your computer or kids dvd player.
flooding the market for a few months with cheap player will get the sale of movies moving again

I agree I’ve never watch many movie extras. Some deleted scenes in my most favorite movies, and the odd making of, but most extra features I never bother watching. Bluray is all about the quality.

I have a 42 inch screen and the difference between playing a dvd and bluray is fairly obvious (barring that you’re not watching a poorly made bluray, there really are some bad transfers out there). Bluray makes it look like i’m watching film, its so clear. DVD while not bad doesn’t have the chrispness to it. Problem is once your eyes get used to HD content, SD content gets more noticible. So once you get into watching stuff in HD its harder to stop. Even my g/f points it out now, and she’s not that technosavvy.

You’re right about the quality, for the most part. I have a 42" LCD-projection HDTV that only will display 720P. For me, the difference between cable HD and Blu-ray is not that noticeable, at least not to me on my HDTV. Maybe if I had a 1080P-capable HDTV it would look better, but I won’t know until my HDTV blows up and I need to replace it. (I’ve had it for 5 years now and it still has the original projection bulb.)

No difference ? I think you need a new TV or a new set of eyes !

You are dead wrong sir and Chuckwagon is right… Go rent Hellboy 2 and see a full 16x9 1.85:1 blu ray.
No difference between aspect ratios on BR and DVD

In most cases a detailed “still” image on HD cable can look similar to a blu ray, but as soon as there is motion the cable picture exhibits nasty motion artifacts due to the compression levels. And the crappy Scientific Atlanta cable boxes :slight_smile:
For HD cable, unfortunately it can depend on the provider and also the specific channel. Some channels cost more on a monthly basis because the channel insists that the cable provider use low compression, taking more bandwidth on the cable pipe. The provider passes the buck to the customer because the channel you are getting takes more bandwidth than other channels. This is why Discovery Channel HD in Canada is now $4-5 /month extra and has the best HD picture on cable.

Yeah your a moron if you cant tell