Blu-Ray Playback problem



Sorry if this is in the wrong section now sure where this topic should go?

hi all i have recently installed a new 4870 X2 and a Q9450 and was previoulsy using a single 4870 where i had perfect playback with High def

i use power dvd 7.3 to playback HD and Blu Ray playback and cats 8.12s

For some strange reason when i playback blu ray disks now the picture is strange as i get the full briliant 1080 but now especially on ppls faces i get a like a distorsion where u can see the pixels moving and the picture distorts (hard to describe) if you get me highly annoying any ideas guys?


ive heard that you can use Media player classic and VLC to playback High Def playback

can someone please please explain how this can be configured to work?


Use the new Media Player Classic Home Cinema:

If you simply replaced the cpu and video card without reinstalling the OS, you may just need to perform a little maintenance. I would uninstall the video drivers and use a program such as Driver Cleaner. Then install the latest motherboard and video drivers.