Blu-ray plans their launch & players use Internet authentication



I just posted the article Blu-ray plans their launch & players use Internet authentication.

 As the 

launch of Blu-ray and HD DVD draws closer, the chances of a merge are getting
very slim and that the Blu-ray backers would only consider a unified format if
it would be better than…

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BANG!! Shot off the other foot! Oh well. :B


So much for getting one of these things, even when the price drops. I’m really gonna miss the good ol’ days of simple, Region Protection, Macrovision, PUO’s, etc. And having a portable version to take on trips, to areas that don’t have internet connections.


to think that american consumers would tolerate this is absolutely insane… this thing is dead before it even hits the market…


Do you remember the day when Divx was being pushed? Back when it was competing against DVD, In order to use Divx you had to have a phone line. I remember they were sold at Circuit City. This whole idea will flop big time. The whole idea is having a tangible media of something you can watch as many times as you want and take it anywhere. DVDs are a life saver if you have kids. Parents know what im talking about here. Again this is going to flop. I was all for blue ray till now. :r Sony can ram blue ray up their ass. As a American I will not pay for this kind of trash


I agree with AMDCHIPTROOPER. This might even be a + for HD-DVD, they can state their players don’t require authentication. Hopefully the average consumer is wise enough to spot this as trouble. Even though it is becoming more common for people to have a phone line near there cable or satellite receiver, Paper View anyone, how many people have an internet connection near their DVD player (gamers excluded here :slight_smile: ). I wonder if this is meant primarily for PC based BR drives?


Believe it or not, a guy I work with does not have internet access. He just uses his computer for light office type work… He loves movies, and buys quite a few DVD’s. Looks like he is one less customer $ony needs to NOT worry about. As for me, I depise $ony for how they treat their music artists and their overall iron fist approach.


Actually I’m pretty sure the article is wrong because several “insiders” have assured that an Internet connection will not be needed to play the nextgen discs.


crash n burn $ony you killed decrypter we the customer are gonna kill you no sales equals death good bye


> $ony you killed decrypter < no, macrovision did!


I used to be such a huge fan of Blu-ray, but now I hope it dies horribly!!! Rest assured HD-DVD will have the same kind of authentification, God I hope both formats loose tons money, that way next time they will know not to fuck around with us customers!!! I now love DVD’s more than ever!!! Live Long and Prosper!!!


hmm wonder what would happen if the studios decided to phase dvd out like it or not and phase blu ray in could be nasty ho well better pay my libraryt card fine cos reading book looks to become popular again


If they try to shaft us by forcing this technology on us, I refuse to adopt it. If enough poeple take that stance then the format will die!


People have obviously shown by their preference of MP3 over DVD-A that they like high quality but prefer quantity over quality. What good to have a big screen plasma and surround sound system if all I can afford is 1 or 2 movies a month to watch on it? I will find the best price point between quality/quantity and I doubt it will be BR or HD DVD.


Dont’ worry Sony probably will buy Internet Access for everybody in the USA.


I keep trying to get rid of my home phone. The only thing that keeps me from discarding it is my Tivo service. The Directv wants me to call in at least every 90 days. There is no way in hell that I will be buying a simple disc player if it requires me to let someone else know IM using it. Plus, if that service goes down and I want to watch a movie but the player wont autheticate, what the hell am I supposed to do? But rest assured there will be plenty of rich morons who buy these things and keep them afloat in the market for a few years.


I’m really tired of all my consumer electronics calling home every time i try to do something with them.


Just remember in the land of the money, us as consumers no longer have rights. The media cartels own all your rights, and they will tell you when and where you are allowed to wath the movie that you have “leased” from them because you do not actually own the movie tha tyou bought, you have only purchased the right to view the movie, whenver they will allow you to watch it. I really do hope that this is BS that the player will call home, cause if it does, then screw buying a PS3 cause it will have that same draconian shit in it. There is no way I want to have my viewing habbits tracked, be told what I am allowed to do with my own products I bought with my own money. It would be like a car manufacturuer saying that if you put a turbo in your car, then chip in the car will sense it and the car will no longer work. WTF is this protectionism about!


us as consumers have the power here. i for one absolutely have no plans to touch this BS format. i am sure millions of consumers out there will feel the same way. lets vote with our wallets and let this thing die a miserable death.


Personally I don’t think the market is ready for a higher capacity media. Many people here in the UK have only started using DVD players in the last few years, it wasn’t until late 1999 that DVDs became really commonplace in all the shops as the way of buying movies. After only about 5 years of it being something most people had, I really don’t see a need for the higher storage space yet other than to fill up with higher resolution and crappy extras. Here virtually nobody owns HDTV yet as 'HDTV Ready" sets have only just come up for sale and the broadcast is only just starting to turn into DVB-T over analogue. I think in another 5 years people would be ready for Blu-ray/HD DVD, but not now. Oh, my bet is on Blu-ray.