Blu-ray PC drive prices go down in Australia

[LEFT]If you want to see a movie in high-definition you will need an expensive HDTV, Blu-ray player and a few dollars for a simple movie collection. The same goes for those that want to read, write and burn their own collections or are thinking of using Blu-ray to make back-ups. For quite a while Sony has both internal Blu-ray burners and players on the market, but still not many consumers have bought these expensive products.

Sony seems to understand they won’t sell any if they don’t drop the prices soon. The company’s BWU200S, internal SATA Blu-ray burner, went down from AUD $899 to $599 and should now persuade many to buy the product. The 30% reduction should be fine, but other Blu-ray products only go down 15%. Of course this isn’t incredible, but probably the first step to low-priced Blu-ray drives and burners.

Lowering the price of internal burners and drives doesn’t mean we should run to Wal-Mart right away. Since many want to use products they buy, it’s smart to wait a couple of months longer, because disc prices are still high. A 25GB BD-R (write once) disc will set you back AUD $24.95, while a rewriteable version costs you AUD $29.95. The 50GB version has even higher prices, which makes Sony not the right choice when storing your HD holiday footage.


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Australia doesn’t have Wal-Mart, or Cost Co, either.
But it’s nice to see the Recommended Sale Price drop to $600 … we should hopefully see these bluray drives around $450ish at places for experienced bargain hunting shoppers … which is about what I paid for my very first CDWriter (CDR Only) :stuck_out_tongue: