Blu-ray Paper: Question on the B2B side of Purchasing Blu-Ray Media for Movies

I am currently doing a Demand Estimation paper for Blu-Ray media as part of my marketing major courses.

My question is, how does the selling of blu-ray discs to movie studios work? I assume this process should be very similar to how currently selling DVD discs for the purpose of putting movies on work.

The idea i have in mind right is this:

1.) Movie studio (eg. Warner Bros) decides to use Blu-Ray discs to release their High Def Movies on
2.) Warner Bros orders their purchasing department to contact a Blu-Ray manufacturer (eg.Sony) to buy a batch of blank BluRays (i assume this will be some sort of purchase agreement contract)

my question is how does the licensing of BluRay come into play? Do you have to be a supporting member of BDA first in order to purchase a shipment of blank BluRays for the purchase of putting movies on?

I appreciate ANY comments or input, thanks!!!

blu ray isn’t out yet so honestly, we have no idea…

i’d imagine that if it’s anything like dvds, studios don’t purchase “blanks.” the cost of the media (which is next to nothing) is included with the pressing costs. The pressing plant provides the media regardless of whether they have an internal pressing plant or have to outsource this part of the operation.

but like I said, I have no idea how blu ray technology works or how the business end might differ from dvd,

The Blu-Ray Forum may be a more appropriate place for this thread :slight_smile: