Blu-ray overspeeding: write 8x at 2x media

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The Japanese brand Buffalo has announced a Serial ATA Blu-ray burner that can burn 2x Blu-ray Recordables (BD-R) at 8x. Media from Mitsubishi, TDK, Panasonic, Hitachi-Maxell and Sony are…

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It’s 39,100 Yen or about $390US.

Who will risk to write expensive media at overspeed?

Well, if reviews confirm that discs can be burnt within specks while over-speeding. Why wouldn’t someone over-speed if there are no negative effects? I don’t know how much time you have, but I cherish my spare time.

DeadMan: is that your head? lol

“Speed kills, Del”.

What? You guys never watched WKRP? It’s right up there with, “As God is my witness, I thought Turkeys could fly”.

So many of these so called 2x discs are obviously able to be written at higher speeds easily. They’re probably indeed capable of at least 8x speed already. The manufacturers of the discs will contact the drive manufacturers and say: “hey fellas, we’re going to re-label our discs as 8x and put a new MID code on it, can you make some new drives that burn them fast? Thanks!”

Then the drive manufacturers reply: “Sure no worries, we’re just going to change a couple chips in the old writers so they burn faster, then release our new super fast drive that can burn your “new” high speed discs!”

The disc manufacturers reply: “Awesome thanks for that. Let us know if you want to make an even faster writer so we can release our super high speed discs.”