Blu-ray outstripping DVD sales six-to-one

I just posted the article Blu-ray outstripping DVD sales six-to-one.

Many say Blu-ray isn’t adopting fast and that Sony’s prices are the main reason behind this, but recent studies show that Sony is going at it the right way. Of course high prices aren’t…

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What a load of crap. This “FutureSource” mob are probably paid by the Blu-ray group to spread mindless unsupported rubbish about Blu-ray’s apparent “success”. The facts speak themselves - Blu-ray is a lemon and will not succeed with consumers. Everyone I know who has a HDTV doesn’t give a damn about Blu-ray. They are not going to shell out $$$ for something that can be achieved with an upscaling DVD player. Once again, fuck off Sony. You suck, you stink and you will fail bigtime with Blu-ray.

Does anyone else get the feeling that Tim Stork really likes to stir things up? He must. Nobody posts stuff like this but him. “but recent studies show” Links, Tim. You need links to back up your story. All I know is that I have 650 retail DVDs and 0 Blu-ray discs. Blu-ray is not doing well despite all the BS stories they put out.

Yep this story is complete hype and crap - I don’t know one person with a Blu-ray player and I know very few people with PS3s. I’ve got plenty of friends into home entertainment stuff and 100% of them are sceptical about Blu-ray - however I should add that they will buy into it in the abscence of anything better when the time and price is right - till then it’s upscaling DVD players all the way.

Check the source of the article, it’s all in there: I’ve seen the first Blu-ray movies at a friends place and I was pretty impressed. Now it’s only the choice between a Blu-ray player or the PSX3… :S

Comparing PS3 sales to DVD player sales many years ago is so unbelievably stupid, it doesn’t even deserve attention.

The anti-Sony fanboys on this forum are up to their usual luddite crapping. Own it fellas, you lost. Enjoy your 8-tracks and phonographs. Bye!

@ Liptonnie Do you believe everything you read on the Internet?

Here we go again including PS3… Exclude it for a change and see how BD players are doing and not gaming consoles… That would be more interesting and more accurate… PS2 can play dvd’s, PS1 can too Why are those not included in the figures for DVD while PS3 counts for the BD? Look thru the hype and marketing manipulation please… Sure we can discuss these did not exist at times when DVD players started. Let us then include DVD drives in PC’s, PowerDVD software sales and all other software related dvd players as they are purchased to use for playing back DVD’s no? Let us then have the “real” figures and not the way Sony and whatever companies they pay manipulates everything to bring positive results… Am I right or am I right? :slight_smile: Enjoy

Bluray is dead RIP :d

We own a large Video Store in Canada, in a major city, ok Ontario Toronto, Sony is so full of “cit”. The only blu-ray going out the door is when the little bastards steal them

According to WIKI which according to Sony (footnote #95) here: “Total worldwide sales as of January 1, 2008 are 10.49 million according to Sony.[95][96]” But according to this Block and Files article, the entire 2008 (estimate) of PS3 and standalone sale is 10.48 milliion??

Another great article from Thanks for the biased articles. I don’t know what I would do without. lol :g

Here we go again!!! The BLU-RAY haters spouting the same old crap over and over.It’s like a broken record being stuck in the same place. You haters need to move on because BLU-RAY is here to stay.

What utter rubbish Who’s the moron who believes these fairy tales ? Clown - What are they going to tell us next ? BluRay cures cancer ? :r And the pillock whining about “BluRay haters” ? You want to believe such drivel and lies ? MUG. :+

@ micro$soft We’re disputing the merits of the article. We’re not crapping on Blu-ray. We don’t like reading things that aren’t true. For instance, if I posted articles about getting it on with your mom, yet you know I never even met her, wouldn’t you be pretty upset? Wouldn’t you respond with the truth? Then some asshole writes what a “hater” you are. Wow, suddenly life isn’t fair. You really do need to grow up. If Blu-ray “lovers” keep posting bullshit articles about how much better Blu-ray is than DVD and how much brighter your life would be with Blu-ray, then the Blu-ray “haters” will respond with the truth. If you don’t like it then go back to cooking with your Easy-Bake Oven.
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Blue Laser is superior to red laser. Not sure where the mix up is on the merits of DVD? Blue laser allows greater storage capacity then DVD or CD. Also the construction of a Blu-ray recordable is superior to DVD because it does not rely on two poly carb. layers glued together. I still remember all the issues the manufacturers had trying to keep them from separating (and still do). All these discussions about how DVD is somehow better and less expensive is puzzling: I remember and have sold $13,000 Pioneer DVD authoring drives with $20 media. Now everyone seems to think a $400 player is too expensive? Wow. We call it “economy of scale” Now Yes Sony is goofy (you should be discussing the original Blu-ray Sony disc, ProData now that was a loser). Sony did not even plan to bring the two formats together. Just abandoned the ProData format when they thought Blu-ray could make a go at it. The “anti” Blu-ray attitude does not make a lot of sense. It stores more data, has a greater upgrade path then HD-DVD could even dream of (Red Lasers are limited), even greater storage life then recordable DVD. Can consumers be happy with DVD? sure they seem to love MP3 so quality is not an issue for some consumers. The discussion of image quality is pointless as Blu-ray properly manufactured is far better. Very obvious difference. I have a thousand DVDs and still counting. I will also have Blu-ray. Probably for storage first. I can think of a lot of things Sony has done that were not very good but Blu-ray (minus the DRM) is the future. If solid state does not make all of us optical people obsolete. :wink:

Hi-jack, “Here we go again including PS3… Exclude it for a change and see how BD players are doing …Am I right?” Nope, you have to include Playstation3 because it is still the best BluRay player a person can buy. If it wasn’t, if it was in fact not the top choice for anyone getting into BluRay, then yeah, we could discount it. “the Blu-ray “haters” will respond with the truth.” The truth that you lost the format war and are a pissy little btch?

DukeNukem wrote "For instance, if I posted articles about getting it on with your mom, yet you know I never even met her, wouldn’t you be pretty upset? Well I’ve met your MOM and she loves it!!! GFYS.

The anti-Sony, anti-Blu-Ray mob keeps on moaning and bitching, about Blu-Ray being dead, PS3s are not Blu-Ray players :B (this one is beyond hilarious), etc. At the same time, the format marches on and, as is more than obvious, since there’s no viable alternative, is and will be the future for pre-recorded media. But keep moaning and bitching if that makes you feel better. :wink: Unfortunately, for you, it will not stop the inevitable. :d