Blu ray or not

hi folks newbie here,
i was looking for a blu ray player recorder with harddrive and freesat when i came across the panasonic site, 3 b/r recorders top of the range the 850, middle the 750, and bottom the dmr xs350,
now i know the top 2 can write to blu ray discs and the 350 can only write to dvd, but i was under the impression all 3 could play blu ray discs but mine doesnt, is this a fault or does the 350 not play b/ray discs, it says on panasonic site all 3 have the same hd stuff inside them, as its a lot of money to pay out (£400) for a dvd recorder with 250gb hdd and twin freesat hd tuners,

Looking through a few reviews, and discussions on the net it seems this model does not play or record to blu ray.

It will record HD material to the hard drive from the tuners, but that seems to be the limit of what it does.

HI and thanks for the reply, yes your right, iv just requested a refund under pixmanias 7 day return policy and im going to get the next one up the 750 that def plays the b/ray, thanks again,