Blu Ray or HD DVD?

What is going to be your choice between the two players? Personally I am liking HD DVD as it is cheaper plus I am thinking Blu Ray is going to be the Betamax of the 2000s. :iagree: I think technically Blu Ray is nicer (bigger capacity etc.) I just do not see both technologies making it (ala VHS vs. Betamax).

499$ for DVD HD player at bestbuy blu ray players seem twice the cost

I am wondering that maybe there will be combo players out there also that will play both blu ray and hd dvd?

The cost of the discs is too high. The new player is also too expensive and I really don’t want to buy another brand new HD TV just to get the special connection. I am totally satisfied with plain old ordinary DVD.

Oh yeah, and then there is always the fun of getting the wrong format. Anyone remember RCA’s SelectaVision?

I would say it’s a certainty that this will prevail.

However, people are going to be cautious about adopting either of these storage formats, probably not because of technophobia, but the attendant ludicrous DRM issues.

Personally, I agree with chas0039; people will be happy for a long time to come just using their large displays with upscaling DVD players and old DVD-Video recordings. There’s only so many times you can persuade people to buy the same movie.

The only movies I would upgrade would be Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. I would be very picky on which titles that I would want in hd. I have seen a demo playing though and I must say it is a strikingly clear picture.