Blu-ray on a slow computer

First of all Hello to all! Glad to be a member of such an informative forum!

Now if noone minds onto the question.

I have an HP m7350n PC ( link to specs ) in which I have upgraded the video card to Nvidia 7600GS and put in an LG HD-DVD and Blu-Ray combo drive with a SATA connection. Here is my issue. Even on a fresh install copy of windows vista or xp (Both vista 64 and 32 bit) the play back in PowerDVD 8 Stutters, especially during high action scenes. To play it I also use SlySoft AnyDVD. The movies in particular that stutter are The Simpsons Movie, Ratattouile, AVP 2 Requiem and Beowulf (last one is on HD-DVD). The one movie that seems to play find however is Troy Director’s Cut on Blu-Ray. I suspect that my computer is underpowered, and if that is the case what can I do/upgrade to speed it up. Also, is there software/codec that would play blu-ray movies more efficiently? What about CoreAVC?

I should also point out that I am watching it on a 20 inch lcd monitor with a resolution of 1680x1050. I do not yet have a high definition tv, but I was planning to hook up the pc to it when I do get it (if I can get this stuttering fixed)

Final note, I have also tried it in Nero Showtime, which was worse.

What would you recommend that I do?

Thanks in advance

I think these specs are just fine for playing bluray your computer has the capability to play these videos just fine

  1. Can you install a pentium 4?? maybe 3.06GHz even though 2.8 is fine but I would rather you get rid of that pentium D and at least put a Pentium 4 2.8GHz.

2.You do already have a 2.8GHz right? can you replace with 2.8GHz-3.06GHz pentium 4?

  1. How much ram do you have? Can you put at least 1Gb in it?

I think your stutter problems lies somewhere else unless your Ram is to low

Thank you for your reply! I have 2 gigs of RAM.

Any other recommendations? Could it be SlySoft anyDVD issue? I have also tried ripping it to internal SATA HDD, to no avail.

Also, Which windows would you recommend to use for blu-ray playback? (XP, XP 64bit, Vista, Vista 64bit, something else?) The processor is a 64 bit processor which is why I ask.

Thank you!

Why you use anydvd to play the movie? Is it a different region than that of your dvd drive? Those movies should play fine using powerdvd or nero showtime. I not have Hd def but my friends do and they not have any problems with playback. If your dvd’s are the same region as your dvd drive then disable anydvd when you watch them and if you have the same problem then it not a anydvd problem

I use anyDVD because my set up is not HDCP compliant, and AnyDVD Removes that limitation

OK I forgot about that. I have anydvd hd but I only use it to watch a different region dvd than my dvd drive. you not being set up for hd could be the reason you having the problems that you are and anydvd hd is set up for powerdvd ultra and not powerdvd 8, this could be another reason for your troubles. FireX these are all suggestions and I hope you not take it the wrong way. This is all I can say or do for any help good luck and I hope you fix your problem soon