Blu-ray not to have managed copy function?

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A final spec list of the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) content protection system seems to miss out on it’s Managed Copy function. This function allows users to copy high-def content onto…

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Does Slysoft offer stock? I see a growth uptick in their future. There will always be pirates, people who don’t believe in paying for anything even if the price is reasonable. IMHO most people are willing to pay a reasonable price. However, I myself must become a pirate when all I want to do is transfer the video I just bought to a different device or location, for my own personal use BTW. When will the Studios learn they cause most of the piracy with their draconian practices?

the studios would suck souls from us if they could what the need to do is get rid of the middle men / women in this game and give a rock bottom price i know this would upset Lamborghini and Ferrari and the folk that sell 10 bedroom houses to single filthy ritch wankers who get there through us morons but hey someone needs upsetting dont they ??? :g

Gee why am I not surprised that Greedy Companies try to once again restrict what their customers as to how they can can use the legitimately repurchased products for what they want in their own home, obviously I was wrong in assuming if you purchased a product you have the right to use the legitimately purchased product exactly how you want to use it in your own home seeing how you paid a inflated price when buying it. This pathetic behaviour and tactics against honest consumers rights to use their legimately purchased product how they want in their own home stinks to be of a SONY nature. Under Free Trade Agreements where competition is suppossed to rule and provide better pricing of productc due to free trade we are suppossed to see lower prices and better value, but all we see is big companies trying to rip consumers off for what they have legally purchased by restricting their lawful rights and trying to sell them their goods (products) once again due to the restrictions they embedded in their software so consumers have to pay again and again for what they have already purchased. Well those companies will NEVER ever again get 1 cent of my money, as I have blacklisted them for their anti-consumer rip-off act where they think the consumer is dumb and they can charge them more than once for the same product. Maybe it has a lot to do with buting politicians who bring in laws to try and bolster the morons profits. I say Politicians who take part in such anti-consumer behavior and companies as well will both lose greatly in the near future (By loss of votes and sales), because those of us which take the time to look at the facts will act accordingly and not vote for or buy products from pathetic individuals like that, which is the power of the consumer and voter, oh dear the next election looks very interesting doesn’t it. After all if consumers do not vote with their money the companies will only try and buy more laws to try and bolster they bottom line.

Good promo for SlySoft I guess :slight_smile:

Nothing will ever deter Slysoft, they are always one step ahead of the studios,

as long as blu ray wins the format war, i got a ps3 and dont wanna have to buy a HD dvd player aswell. goD! :slight_smile:

Answer is simple do not buy blu ray titles and stick with dvd versions

@PS£££ - “as long as blu ray wins the format war” surely Blu-ray has already won the format war - barring some kind of miracle to resurect HD-DVD…where have you been the last few months?