Blu-ray not recognized by DVDfab HD

I have only a handful of BD titles which I would like to backup and copy to the HTPC’s hd. (you know what happens to discs handled by a wife and kids?) I downloaded the DVDfab HD Decrypter Beta, but it doesn’t recognize BD discs–only standard DVDs. When a BD is inserted, the source bar asks to insert a disk or point to a folder/image. A DVD is always recognized. I selected Blu-ray with the Quality radio button. There doesn’t appear to be any setting of consequence in the Custom Settings menu. What am I missing? I also tried two pre- Beta versions which I found on-line.

Blu-ray movies play well (Lite-on LB-2B1S SATA BD player/burner).


I believe DVDFab HD Decrypter only supports Full Disc for HD discs.

When you select “Main Movie” on the left bar, it will prompt to insert DVD disc or DVD folder/image as you mentioned.

If you select Full Disc, does it say “Blu-ray Disc” in the Quality bar as pictured below?

Yes, it’s Full Disc and I select Blu-ray. But the source bar continues to ask for the media or folder.

If it matters (which I doubt), I tried DVDfab HD by exiting and by uninstalling my licensed copy of DVD Region Free + CSS Free.

Just got an opportunity to try it tonight, and here is exactly what I do: I start-up DVDfab HD, set the quality to “Blu-ray” and “Full Disc” is the default DVD to DVD option. I insert the BD (BBC’s Planet Earth, for example) and the quality setting changes from Blu-ray to HD-DVD, then to DV9. DV9 remains the only quality option–I can’t just reselect Blu-ray.

I’m wondering now if it may have to do with something having been omitted from the XP install: I slip-streamed and tweaked the installation, using n-lite, to a pretty barebones install of XP Home. Fortunately it’s not yet activated and I can try a complete re-install if that would be a concensus recommendation.


Just a guess, but if you’re running XP you don’t have the UDF 2.5 driver that comes with Vista. You can try to do a Google search on “xbox 360 udf driver”.

The PowerDVD BD package installed the UDF 2.5 file system and the properties dialogue box indicates that that is, in fact, used by the Lite-on.

Did a complete re-install of XP Home/SP2 with updates, PowerDVD Ultra (BD support + UDF 2.5), and DVD Decrypter HD Same thing: Select Full Disc, Blu-ray quality, insert BD, and watch the quality setting change to HD DVD then DV9. DVDfab does not recognize the BD disc.

AnyDVD HD is my next option, unless someone knows what the cause is. UDF 2.5 is, in fact, the filesystem of the Lite-On drive.


Dvdfab decrypter hd was working for me and then all of a sudden it stopped recognizing my blu ray discs, in other words it was experiencing the same problems you are going through. I am using xp media center 2005. So, I have no idea what is up.

I have the same problem since yesterday! When I put a blu-ray disk into the drive, DVDFab HD switch back to DVD9 and I cannot change it.
I am using DVD FAB HD decrypter since April 2007 without any problem. (I am using latest version now.) I tried to backup blu-rays I done before again, without success.
I reinstalled old versions of DVD FAB HD. Does not working.
I got Sony BWU-100A, Cyber Link Power DVD BD 7.3, Vista.
Can somebody help, please!

I found out on’s forum that at some point we all put in a blu ray disc with a new type of encryption and that installs itself on the blu ray burner and thus makes DVDfab hd inoperable.

Thanks dobeman,
I cannot backup my “old” blurays neighter! I tried to reinstall dvdfab… Does not working.
I switched to anydvd hd for now.

No news about this problem? same happens to me with my xbox 360 HD-DVD palyer, the DVDFab doesnt recognize it.

Same thing happened to me. Anyone have a fix?

As I read on other forum too, it’s seems something like the encryption that has changed (like dobeman told).

In the meantime, I suggest you use anydvd hd. I installed it yesterday and work flawlessly with new blu-ray dvds.

I had the system working fine, i had backed up pearl harbor then some time afterwards my Pioneer unit became inop. I replaced it with a Lite on model and stupidly selected region code 1 (i did not do this on the Pioneer). After this dvdfab would not work for BD (i tried Juno). I suspected the region code issue but have since read the same comments as Dobeman. I am tempted to try another Pioneer…