Blu-ray not cashing in on DVD sales plunge

I just posted the article Blu-ray not cashing in on DVD sales plunge.

Shoppers who have shunned DVD are not turning to Blu-ray, according to UK sales figures.

DVD movie sales in the UK were down 9.5 percent during the first six months of 2009 - a drop of roughly 10…

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Are they really turning away from DVD in droves or have people topped up their collections? This is one of the reasons CD’s leveled off (and went down). When DVD first came out people repurchased (or purchaes) all their favorite movies on DVD. Now DVD has been out 10 years, most people have the DVD’s they want and just buy new movies. I don’t think people are leaving the format in droves, its just that they caught up. People might do the same thing to bluray (as bluray prices continue to drop).

In addition to what Zod said, I believe many people (like me) are not purchasing the newest movies on DVD because they know the future is Bluray. Yet they don’t have the money to buy a proper HDTV and Bluray player to take advantage of the format, as well as waiting for disc prices to get better. With movies like Kill Bill or No Country For Old Men or Dark Knight I know I will want to own these on Bluray one day which is why I have forgone buying them on DVD.

A lot of people aren’t buying feature films on DVD because most of the time they are still ridiculously overpriced - especially new releases at $29.99 ??? Hello ? This is 2009 and not 1999! Furthermore, a lot of DVD collectors are more interested in completing their TV shows on DVD and are patiently waiting for future releases and further price cuts.

As for Blu-ray - it’s still a niche product that offers no incentive for the average film/tv watcher. Upscaled DVD is more than good enough for these people.

I have to agree with Zod. People like me have topped up their collections after converting from VHS. I’m at 650 movies and I have DVD movies purchased 10 years ago that are still shrink-wrapped. I just don’t have the time to watch what I have, so why would I go and buy more?

I also have to agree with ilnot1. People know DVD is the future, so why would you buy DVD if you know deep down in your heart that once the recession is over you’re going to spring for a shiny new Blu-ray player and some Blu-ray movies from the discount bin?

BitRate also has a point. New DVD releases for $30? Don’t the studios know I can dowload a DVD rip from my friendly neighbourhood torrent site for nothing? And yes, DVD upsampling makes most people happy. Only true audio/videophiles NEED Blu-ray quality.

So, to recap, I agree with everthing the previous posters have said. Who said I was hard to get along with?

Blu ray can launch off if they just match the price of DVDs its that simple. Its hard to believe its too difficult for the dvd pushers to realise that. Just mach the price and its all good. i am looking forward to BD, ONLY when the price drops kicks in will i migrate. The consumers are not stupid

BD still costs more to produce than DVD, so they aren’t going to charge the same price. That would of been like DVD charging just as much as VHS when it came out. They’ll do that DVD did. Charge more for new releases and slowly drop the price down the further its been out. They cash in on the people what want it alot and will pay full price and work they’re way down to people that aren’t willing to do that. They’re not going to come out of the gates and charge dvd prices… lol!

Maybe people are renting DVD’s instead of buying them. Ever since Redbox, what is the point of buying new releases at all? You rent the movie for a buck and probably make a copy of it before you take it back if that floats your boat.

If Sony would lower their fees…

Nowadays, there is so much content offered on (digital) terrestrial, cable, satellite, IPTV, VoD, triple or quadruple play… Why would I buy physical media and gear if the same contents is available from my VoD subscription or pay per view?
Industry seems to forget that we still have only 24h per day to consume ever more: watch more TV channels, more DVD, BR, listen to more CDs, iTunes, chat on social networks, talk over the phone, mobile, watch mobile TV, travel more…
Unfortunately, when I do more of one thing, I have to do less of something else… same with money.