Blu-ray movie prices still too high



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Blu-ray manufacturers are doing their part by lowering the cost of standalone Blu-ray players, but now it’s Hollywood’s turn to help out by cutting the price of Blu-ray movies.
Sure, there were…

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They need to come to the realisation that the format war did not end when HD DVD bit the dust. that was really just a battle or skirmish…the real war is with the DVD. GOOD LUCK!


If I’m not mistaken at the end of the VHS life cycle, hollywood started releasing movies on DVD’s first then on VHS trying to push us into buying into the DVD format. It seems if the studios wanted to push us towards blu-ray they could employ the same tactics.


I think a winning promotion would be to offer a trade in DVD programme. If you have a DVD that is now in Blu-ray you can trade it in for $10-15 off the new version. They got the $10-20 for the DVD they sold you, cost to them $1 maybe and now they get another $10-20 from you and you get the new version and it cost them $1.


what the hell is this article talking about? There were no glory day prices when the war was being fought. the prices were the same if not higher than they are today. You could never find a Blu Ray movie near $15 a year ago now even movies like Kung Fu Panda are at that price. Also have you looked at new dvd’s prices? If you miss the first week sale they are typically $20-$24. That is about as much as most Blu Ray disc’s go for right now if you shop right.


Well if you bought one of those Bluray players for $99, you shouldn’t be mad if you didnt do your homework and check the disc prices out first. It is sort of like printers. The printers are cheap but they get ya when you buy the ink cartridge, usually.

I dont think they will try to phase out DVD just so they could get you to switch to Bluray. DVD is still their gravy train and they would alienate alot of their market and lose mega revenue.


DVD’s for 20-24 bucks? Where in the hell do you see that. Target sells new releases for $15 top and most of the old ones can be had for 10 or less. But then again, I just go down to my local Redbox location and rent the movie for a buck. If I like it, I just copy it but most of the time most movies arent worth a copy.


This is an article? Tell me something I dont know already…


I must admit Target seems to have some great prices but I just looked and they do seem to have a bunch of newer movies for $20. Also your last option is not a solution for most people since not everyone knows how to use a computer let alone know how to pirate using it.


i dont pay more then $10 for a movie, and the best place to shop i have seen so far is sellers on amazon, or amazon them selves. they have the best deal so far. most films i buy i pay no more then $5 and then $10 on occasion. ill wait till it gets cheap.


Yup that’s good for you but this article is stating that Blu Ray movies cost from $35 and up. This might be true for the MSRP but Dvd’s are the same. Most stores sell the movies far less then the Manufacture Suggested Retail Price. Also you can find a nice collection of Blu Ray movies for $15 and even even junk Blu Ray movies for less then that.


It is pointless to buy a blu Ray player if you don’t have a HDTV and most people can’t afford it.


ha i saw a ton of people this past weekend buy HDTV’s so next?


“ha i saw a ton of people this past weekend buy HDTV’s so next?”

Given the average person weighs about 175lbs and 1 ton equates to 2240lbs, your saying you saw approximately 12 people buying HDTV’s this past weekend… :cop:


Frankly, I generally don’t buy DVDs unless they’ve dropped to the $10 to $15 price range.

When Blu-Ray discs drop to that range (and when the cracking software gets good enough that I can rip it to my PSP, iPod, and laptop without having to fork over more money), maybe I’ll jump on board.

Until then, DVD is still good enough in my opinion.


i know i’ve already mentioned this in another thread, but we pay £10 for chart dvd’s over in the uk, and 15-20 notes for a bluray. work that out to your dollars!! lol

but i don’t mind paying the extra if i’m getting the extra quality!:wink:


oh, and i’ve just seen this in argos today, and this is a good deal for the prices WE pay over here!!


Was that 6 fat people or 10 people of normal stature?


@ Steve

I must say that I’m not a big fan of Bush, if you know what I mean (and I think that you do).


@Steve, that low end Bush blu-ray player probably doesn’t decode hidef sound (DTS HD MA, Dolby TrueHD) so you will need a Receiver that can decode it.


That’s a good tip! But at least for the ~150 dollars US- the remote comes with batteries. This thing originally listed for nearly 450 US! :eek: To think it would not decode the sound for the discs it is designed for is pretty sad.